My Experience With Dengue Fever

Dengue fever is a highly dangerous disease. It has claimed thousands of lives worldwide. So far, there is no specific medication to treat the fever. Once contracted the disease, the patient needs to be monitored closely for high fever, dehydration and internal bleeding. Failure to administer the condition properly could expose the patient to high risk including death.

Dengue fever is transmitted by the Aedes Mosquitoes. The mosquito itself does not cause the disease. But when it bites an infected person, it can carry the dengue virus for days. Anyone who is bitten by this mosquito is exposed to the risk of contracting dengue fever.

I would like to share my experience with the disease here with you.

Day 1

I experienced high fever up to 39 degree Celsius and went to see a doctor. The doctor gave me some medications to control my fever.

Day 2

After taking the medications, I continued to experience fluctuating high fever. My temperature fluctuates from 37.0 to 39.9 degree Celsius. I felt occasional pain behind my eyes, aching body and fluctuating headaches. Both palms of my hands and soles of my feet appeared red.

Day 3

The condition did not improved and I went to see the same doctor the second time. The doctor gave me an injection to control the fever. I was asked to continue with the medications that he gave earlier.

Day 4

There is still no improvement on my condition. I changed the doctor. This doctor changed the medications and requested me to see him again if the condition did not improve the next day.

Day 5

I visited the doctor again. He conducted a blood test on me. The result was out four hours later. It showed that my blood platelets has dropped down to 47 from a normal of 150. The doctor advised that it was a sign of dengue Fever and requested me to admit to a nearby hospital immediately.

The hospital conducted another blood test on me and it showed that my condition has worsen.

1. My blood platelet has dropped further to 42.

2. My white blood cell count also dropped drastically.

3. My blood was very concentrated.

The hospital immediately put me on 6 bags of fluid drips and conducted another three blood tests from 4 pm till midnight. The last blood test showed that my blood concentration has diluted. The blood platelets dropped further to 27. The white blood cell count also dropped. The hospital reduced the fluid drips to 4 bags per day from tomorrow onwards.

Day 6

My fever did not improve and I experience a loss of appetite. Three blood tests were conducted on me and the last test showed that my blood platelet was maintaining at around 25 to 28. The doctor said that since my blood pressure was under control, I do not need blood transfusion at the moment. But if the blood pressure went up, I may have to go for it.

Day 7

My condition started to improve slightly. I regained some of my appetite. I had a diet of nutritious foods and a lot of fruit juices. Three blood tests were conducted on me and the last one showed that the platelet count was still maintaining at 28.

Day 8

My condition continued to improve and so was my appetite. I am more active. The hospital conducted reduced the number of blood tests from three to two per day. The last test showed good improvement in the platelet count which was at 49. However the white blood cell count was still low.

Day 9

A blood test was conducted on me in the morning, and it showed continued improvement in my the blood platelet to above 100. The white blood cell also showed improvement but still not up to normal level yet. I was discharged from the hospital but was requested to do a follow up check two weeks later.