Must-Know Computer Optimization Tips


Computer rental service providers also offer services that are useful to its clients without additional fees. One of the services that they offer is giving tips on troubleshooting a computer. Other tips also include maintenance and optimization. This article elaborates more on the computer optimization tips that they provide to their customers.

To keep the computer running smoothly and efficiently, computer maintenance must always be performed regularly. You should check your hard drive memory if there is enough free space. The more files loaded in the memory, the slower it runs. It is said that 20-25% free space availability of hard disk memory is the limit to maximize running speed and to have it work properly. You should not forget to perform memory checking at least once every month. This way, you would be able to know if it's time to delete unnecessary files stored in your hard disk.

One of the reasons why the performance of the computer gets bad is the virus. It makes the machine speed slower and worse, damages your PC in the long run if taken for granted. It is recommended to install antivirus software to keep your PC safe. Viruses are great hard disk destroyer, as much as worms. Worms do not directly damage your PC; However, they are duplicating the files, the file name and the file size. As a result, your memory gets crowded, causing your PC to perform badly. Before everything turns bad, install antivirus software that is proven effective right away after buying your computer and running it for the first time. You can choose from AVG, Bitfender, Avira or other infamous antivirus software brands. Antivirus software applications do not only protect your computer from viruses and worms, but also from various forms of spy wares. Scan your computer for viruses, ideally, twice a month.

Spyware applications are sometimes undetectable by spyware blocker being installed together with antivirus program. Installing a separate spyware app may be of help to keep your computer safe from bad people who want to gain remote access of your computer.

You should also check your computer registry. The errors in Windows registry also can damage your machine if not given attention and not fixed immediately. Running a registry repair software is a big help. Through them, the errors in the computer registry are fixed thoroughly, making your machine run smoothly and efficiently once again.

Defragmenting the hard disk may not be needed. However, performing it once a month can boost PC performance. Files that are scattered in the hard disk are organized through task. If the files are organized in the hard disk, computers can access the data easily. This avoids wears on the reader heads of the hard disks; Wears can actually damage the hard disk as time goes by.

If the tips being stated here are followed and done in a convenient frequency, you will see that your computer performance get better.