Municipal Issues Discharged by Industrial Vacuum Trucks!

When researching about vacuum trucks, it is easy to imagine a vat-like machine with a hydraulically operated hose that is mounted on the front of the vehicle. It is a fascinating truck that is used to suction both wet and dry waste. For those living in an urban area, this probably brings up images of a vehicle that sweeps the streets, clean catch basins, pumps septic tanks, washes storm drains and tows sewer systems. By watching television, it is easy to see that this vehicle is also used in demanding industries such as oil refineries, cement plants, steel mills and power plants.

As shown above, vacuum trucks can serve a variety of purposes and whatever applications a business may need, it still remains that this equipment is best suited for dumping and transportation debris of all kinds, both liquid and dry.

Industrial Machines

Industrial vacuum trucks are pumping machines that can handle the toughest, most challenging jobs. They are responsible for the smooth operation of the facilities that service because they can be customized to be corrosion-resistant. Many that use this machine in the oil industry prefer to own stainless steel vehicles for oil field application because of the kind of chemicals and acids they remove. Water is very important during oil drilling operations so these vehicles are equipped with a high-capacity water pump to effectively assist in the drilling process. They can haul in water and pump out brine to allow oil field workers to efficiently continue the drilling process.

Municipal Machines

To help municipal governments maintain the cleanliness and orderliness of their cities, vacuum trucks perform demanding cleaning activities. Aside from the everyday trash produced by each household, there is litter that is scattered on the streets and blown about by the wind. To keep the city clean, municipal governments deploy several of these vehicles that offer versatile cleaning capacity. Municipal vacuum trucks come with attached hydro-jets that are used to pressure-wash catch basins, storm drains and sewer systems to provide the rapid removal of debris. In emergency situations, this vehicle can handle the most dangerous and challenging extracting jobs with ease and precision.

Line of Distinction

It is difficult to draw the line between industrial and municipal vacuum trucks as both of these powerful machines can perform the same functions. They have little variation away from the pumps that each use. Most industrial vehicles use positive displacement air pumps to create high suction pressure, whereas municipal trucks use centrifugal fan units to produce high airflow. Whatever features one may need, the bottom line is this versatile cleaning machine has the capacity to remove wet and dry substances and a combination of both toxic and non-toxic materials.

Due to modern technological advances that are unique and sophisticated in nature, vacuum trucks are widely known as powerful cleaning devices that have the capability to handle the toughest and most challenging jobs. They are designed to produce timely, efficient and effective extraction ability for both hazardous and non-hazardous materials in two different fields, municipal and industrial. So, there is no question that industrial vacuum trucks can solve municipal issues too!