Mud Packs

The nature cure practitioners at present are making increasing use of moistened earth in the treatment of diseases. The use of mud packs has been found highly beneficial and effective in the treatment of chronic inflammation caused by internal diseases, bruises, sprains, boils, and

wounds. This mode of treatment is normally adopted in conjunction with a proper scheme of dietary and other natural therapies.

The advantage of mud treatment is that it is able to retain moisture and coolness for longer

periods than cold water packs or compresses. The cold moisture in the mud packs relaxes the

pores of the skin, draws the blood into the surface, relieves inner congestion and pain, promotes

heat radiation and elimination of morbid matter.

A mud pack isprepared with clay obtained from about ten cms. below the surface of the earth,

after ensuring that it does not contain any impurities such as compost or pebbles. The clay is

then made into a smooth paste with warm water. This is allowed to cool and then spread on a

strip of cloth, the size of which may vary according to requirements. The dimensions of the pack

meant for application on the abdomen are generally 20 cms. X 10 cm.X 2.5 cm. for adults.

Mud packs have been found to be a valuable treatment of diseases relating to general weakness

or nervous disorders. It can also bring down fever and is beneficial in the treatment of scarlet

fever, measles and influenza. The mud pack is prescribed for swellings, eye and ear troubles,

gout, rheumatism, stomach troubles, kidney and liver malfunctions, diptheria,   neuralgia , sexual

disorders, headache, toothache and general aches and pains. The mud bandage, after being

placed on the body, should be covered with flannel or other protective material. The pack is

applied for 10 to 30 minutes.

As the abdomen is the seat of most diseases, mud pack applied to this part of the body can cure

many disorders including all forms of indigestion affecting the stomach and bowels. It is most

effective in decreasing the external heat and breaking up the morbid matter. It also aids the

inactivity of labour pains and for this purpose, the pack may be renewed every hour or two.

The mud pack is also helpful as an alternate treatment. The area under treatment is first given

fomentation for five to 10 minutes until it is well heated. Mud is then applied directly to the skin

for five to 15 minutes, depending upon the reaction required.

Hot and cold applications are useful in relieving chronic pains, intestinal cramps and lumbago.

Alternate application helps to relieve discomfort caused by flatulence and intestinal obstructions.

It is also helpful in amoebiasis, colitis, enteritis and other inflammatory conditions of bacterial