Mucomyst: Used in the treatment of Emphysema and Bronchitis

Mucomyst is the choice of drug used especially for treating Emphysema and Bronchitis. The generic name of this drug is Acetylcysteine and it is marketed under the trade name Mucomyst.  This drug can be taken orally and also be used for inhalation with the help of an inhaler.

This drug when taken orally helps in thinning the mucous in the lungs and thereby making breathing easier. Most people suffering from bronchitis, emphysema etc experience difficulty in breathing due to the accumulation of mucous in the lungs. Mucomyst helps in easing this difficulty by acting on the lungs. This drug is also recommended in treating pneumonia, cystic fibrosis and other related respiratory conditions.

Mucomyst is also used in the prevention of kidney failures caused due to x-ray contrast products. This is a prescription drug and needs to be taken only when recommended by the doctor or the physician. The dosage and usage varies from person to person and medication should be taken as per the prescription.

When used to thin mucous the drug is taken in through a special device called the nebuliser or inhaler. Mucomyst needs to be taken on a daily basis to get complete benefits. Also one should make sure that the entire prescribed course of medication is completed as per prescription.

The known side effects of this drug include nausea, vomiting, runny nose, headache, drowsiness and fever. In case of any such side effects or allergies observed the doctor must be notified immediately. The physician should be informed of any other medical conditions or medications that the patient is taking so as to avoid the risk and complications that could show up due to drug interactions. Nursing mothers and pregnant ladies need to consult the doctor before using Mycomyst.  The dosage should not be doubled up in case the dosage is missed or skipped.

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