MSc Management – Develop Real World Knowledge & Skills For Modern Management

If you believe that you have a strong vocation for management in a business environment, an MSc Management qualification will allow you to develop real world knowledge and skills in readiness for modern business management.

Potential students must be aware of the academic rigours that are invariably involved in an MSc Management course, although much of the curriculum is built up with highly-skilled practical elements that will be encountered in everyday working life.

There are a number of avenues in which you can go down with an MSc Management qualification, from Marketing and Internal auditing to Entrepreneurship and Generalist management, students have the opportunity to specialise in any of these topics after gaining a generic grounding of modern business management.

The strength of masters in Management is that postgraduates are in a position to enter a wide breadth of careers across multiple industry sectors. Major financial and consumer companies such as Bloomberg, Allianz, JP Morgan, Samsung and more look to postgraduates for the brains behind future innovations.

The courses are delivered through interactive lectures and seminars and a proportion of the assessed work is based on team assignments. Workshop sessions and city practitioner contributions focus on key applications of knowledge in the professional environment and further increase the intensity and practical relevance of the course.

Bear in mind that a Masters degree is a significant investment. Applicants should therefore consider the financial commitment involved, and ensure that their personal finances for the year are fully thought through. Bursaries and scholarships are also available to students with specific interests and skills, holding extreme potential in the workplace in years to come.