Mouthwash As A Natural Remedy

We’ve all seen the commercials touting mouthwash as an effective way he to kill germs in your mouth, but have you ever considered that any liquid that will eliminate germs in your mouth can also be used to prevent and treat other health issues?

Mouthwash can be used as a natural remedy for a variety of issues, ranging from minor scrapes to killing fungus. Like most commonly sold household products, there are more ways to use mouthwash than you might expect, in this article we will outline a few of this versatile product’s other uses.

1. Cuts and Scrapes

If you’ve ever taken a good swig of Listerine brand mouthwash, you’re no doubt well aware that it contains quite a bit of alcohol and is very strong. In fact, Listerine is so strong and contains so much alcohol — approximately 20% — that it is a very effective way to kill germs when cleaning minor cuts and scrapes on the body. Of course, for severe cuts or burns you should see your doctor before applying any home remedies.

2. Killing Fungus

Fungus in and around the toe nails or fingernails is a common problem. The fungus can result in a thickening of the skin around the nails, and cause the skin to turn yellow in color. But a strong alcohol based mouthwash can be mixed half and half with vinegar to clean the affected nails and kill the fungus. For best results, soak cotton balls in the mouthwash/vinegar solution and clean the affected area three times daily.

3. Sanitizing Toothbrushes

It is strange in a way that toothbrushes are kept in the bathroom. After all, the bathroom is without a doubt the room in your home with the most germs. But toothbrushes can be kept sanitary by soaking them in a strong alcohol-based mouthwash such as Listerine. Another helpful tip is to store your toothbrush inside a medicine cabinet where it is not exposed to as many germs and bacteria as being left out in the open in your bathroom.

4. Fading Bruises

The next time you take a sharp hit to the arm or leg; you can prevent or at least minimize the chances of getting a serious bruise by massaging the area with an alcohol-based mouthwash. The alcohol will often keep the bruise from being as pronounced.

5. Relieving Poison Ivy

If you’ve ever stepped in poison Ivy out in the woods, I don’t have to tell you how itchy and uncomfortable it can be. Many people will wind up with rashes and welts on their body that will take several days to fade.

But did you know that another home remedy using regular alcohol based mouthwash is to apply it to two poison ivy of affected areas of the body several times a day to relieve both itching and inflammation. The best way to apply the mouthwash is to use clean cotton gauze or cotton balls soaked in mouthwash and then apply liberally to the affected area. Once the alcohol takes effect, the poison ivy will begin to dry up and heal.

These five are just a few of the more popular ways to use regular everyday mouthwash as a home remedy.