Mouth Yeast Infection – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Mouth yeast infection is caused by a microscopic fungus called Candida Albicans. The symptoms of mouth yeast infection — commonly known as thrush — can be very uncomfortable. And anybody can have one; men, women, teenagers and children, especially newborn babies. Treatment is usually through prescription or over-the-counter medicines that are taken orally. But more and more sufferers are finding natural remedies for yeast infections to be more effective. Let’s look at the causes, symptoms and treatments in more detail…

Mouth yeast infection is caused by an imbalance of Canida Albicans and your body’s friendly bacteria in the mouth. The Candida flora exists quite naturally in your body and especially likes the warm, moist areas, such as your mouth, intestines, vagina, etc. Normally, your good bacteria keeps the Candia flora at healthy levels without any problems.

But sometimes conditions arise that allow the flora to multiply out of your good bacteria’s control, so that you end up with a yeast infection. These are things like; lowered immune system, antibiotics, pregnancy, diabetes, poor nutrition, taking drugs, and especially in the mouth – poorly fitting dentures, steroid inhalers, smoking, etc.

Mouth yeast infection symptoms are; white / cream raised spots over tongue and mucous membranes, thick white coating on tongue, fissures under coating, burning sensation, difficulty swallowing.

Mainstream treatment is usually liquid suspensions (swish and swallow), and / or, lozenges or pastilles to retain in mouth. These are obtained OTC or through your doctor. They are drug-based antifungal medications. The problem is that the fungus can become resistant to them. And because they are aimed at eliminating the symptoms of mouth yeast infection, they don’t address the root cause and any underlying conditions. The result can be very distressing recurring oral yeast infections, which can get worse each time.

Very many sufferers are now turning to natural remedies for yeast infections without the drawbacks of drug-based mainstream treatments. Simple things like garlic, plain yogurt, apple cider vinegar, etc. have proven to be very effective. But, of course, this is still only part of a complete cure for mouth yeast infection. Any natural treatment has to address all the issues that go to make yeast infections.

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