Mouth Thrush – How to Treat Mouth Thrush With Natural Remedies


Pain and tenderness in the mouth, difficulty swallowing, irritation of the gums – let’s face it mouth thrush can really be uncomfortable. The mouth is by nature so sensitive, so even the slightest problem in that area can cause a lot of suffering. Those tell-tales white patches of yeast overgrowth, or sometime tiny red bumps can often become chronic when not treated properly.

I know from personal experience just how persistent yeast cells can be. They’re highly adaptable little organisms, and they better they get a foothold in your body, the harder they are to get rid of.

Fortunately, there are ways to get rid of them permanently. I’m going to explain to you why a lot of treatment approaches simply aren’t successful.

First of all, the pharmaceutical approach is toxic – a bit like taking a fungicide internally – so rather than restoring your body to health so you can fight off the yeast next time, it actually makes your body weaker and more vulnerable to yeast. This approach can also cause the yeast to become even more resilient and entrenched in your body.

Second, so many “home remedies” or natural remedies just aren’t sufficient to really correct the problem. They often treat the yeast topically, and either they aren’t strong enough to knock it out or they knock it out temporarily – just like the drugs. However, I want to warn you a lot of popular home remedies for mouth thrush aren’t completely safe either. For example, gentian violet – a popular home remedy for thrush – is linked to an increased risk of oral cancer over the long term.

There are two crucial steps that are required to cure mouth thrush naturally:

1. Kill the yeast with potent, but completely non-toxic antifungals.
2. Restore the underlying imbalance in the body so that the yeast doesn’t grow back – this is absolutely crucial.

Step #2 seems to be what’s missing for the vast majority of people and is the primary reason why so few people have success in getting rid of mouth thrush in a safe, healthy way.

Yeast is everywhere – so if you’re body wasn’t able to combat it the first time, what will change the next time around? Nothing – unless you correct the underlying imbalance that allowed the yeast to grow out of control in the first place.

Another important point to consider is that while mouth thrush may be the obvious yeast that you can see – it’s extremely likely that if you have mouth thrush it’s also growing in other parts of your body, only where you can’t see it.

Just as the yeast/thrush can cause pain, inflammation, etc. in your mouth, it can be insidiously attacking other parts of your body, causing you to have all kinds of health problems – or simply making existing health issues worse. This is another reason why it’s so important to cure the yeast overgrowth at the root.