Motorcycle Selection

The motorcycle selection has always been a topic of discussion which requires updates as many brands are available in the market. As a customer of the product, you must be aware of the performance parameters of the motorcycle which suit your needs. Following are some parameters which may be useful criteria to select a motorcycle:

Cubic centimetre capacity (cc) – the displacement of the piston in cylinder of the motorcycle; greater capacity means more power but if you increase the cc the Km/h average reduces. Both the parameters are inversely proportional. Your selection must fulfil your need. You need to decide whether you want power or mileage from the motorcycle. The commercial products up to 110 cc give good mileage and as you reach to 1000cc the mileage goes on reducing.

BHP – the brake horse power decides the pickup. Greater the value gives better pickup. More cc means greater pickup but less average. Select the motorcycle with optimum BHP so that the mileage is not compromised and you get good pickup.

Net Power – the motorcycle produces power at certain RPM. Higher the power, the better is the performance. For example a motorcycle can produces 6.15 KW at 7500RPM.

Cooling Type – the cooling of engine with air or oil is present in motorcycles. The oil cooled engines give better performance as compared to air cooled. Oil cooled engines are costly.

Ground Clearance – higher ground clearance means the motorcycle can be used on rough roads. Little ground clearance can cause the chassis to touch the ground level on speed breakers which is not preferred.

Wheels – The allow wheel is preferred to spoke wheel as it does not get bent. Allow wheels have greater life than spoke wheels. Alloy wheels are costly than spoke wheel.

Brakes – the disc brakes are urgent and give good performance in the motorcycle. The price of the product increases with disc brakes. The drum type brakes are cheaper and those are easily serviceable at garages. The disc brakes are preferred to drum brakes.

Start Type – the self-start motorcycles are costly as compared to kick start motorcycle. The self-start has separate starter electric motor which kick-start does not have. You can select the product based on your budget.

Maintenance – the maintenance of the motorcycle plays important roles in the operative cost. The products with less maintenance cost are preferred as compared to products with higher maintenance. You can have a survey of the motorcycles for the maintenance. Also it should be easily serviceable at the local garages otherwise the time spent to get the service from the authorised service centre of the automobile company is huge.

Availability of Spare – the spares of the motorcycle should easily available in the market as any maintenance should be easy and quick. Do not purchase the product which is not easily serviceable at local garages.

Price – the price of the product is a deciding factor for the purchase. Create a comparative table of the above parameters for the products which will help you to in selection. Thus your choice will be realistic which meets your requirements.