Mother Teresa Reflects On World Peace

We all fathom how dearly Mother Teresa loved to spread love and compassion among all; therefore, very conspicuously, her advocacy for World Peace is no surprise.

Some of the most popular books on Mother Teresa quote her thoughts on the World Peace. She said, “What can you do to promote World Peace? Go home and love your family.”

Recognizing her life-long dedicated service to poor and destitute, she was honored with Nobel Peace Prize in 1979.

Mother affirmed the use of compassion and love over bombs and guns to overcome the World. She encouraged smiling at everyone and was noted saying, “Peace begins with a smile.” She taught people to smile five times a day at somebody they don’t want to smile at; to induce peace.

Mother wished to radiate the world with the peace of God. She wanted all men to extinguish hatred and their love for power which is the sole reason for the enmity and several atrocities across the world today. Mother regarded defending the poor and destitute in one’s own country with food, shelter and clothing makes the world a happier place rather than wasting money and efforts into defending border. The knowledge of poverty and suffering at home yields much greater satisfaction and peace.

In one of the books on Mother Teresa, she was quoted saying, “If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.” Mother stressed that in the recent times, if we’re poor and hungry for peace, it is because we no longer belong to each other. We’ve forgotten the kinship between us all. We’re now oblivious of the fact that all mankind is our brothers and sisters. She said, “If everyone could see the image of God in his neighbor, do you think we would still need tanks and generals?”

Over the last two decades of her life, She fulfilled her mission of serving the poor and needy despite her various health problems. Until her very last illness she was active in traveling around the world to the different branches of “The Missionaries of Charity

Mother Teresa was a living saint who inspired immeasurable number of people all over the world and continues to do so even after her death in 1997.

Know more about The Missionaries of Charity form most popular books on Mother Teresa written by Mr. Navin B Chawla (a civil servant of India).