Morning Sickness Survival Tips. How to Reduce the Misery and Suffering From Morning Sickness

When does morning sickness begin?
Most cases of morning sickness begin very early in pregnancy. For some pregnant women it can start as soon as implantation occurs.

How long does morning sickness last?

Morning sickness can last from a few hours first thing in the morning to lasting all day. Some pregnant women do not get morning sickness until the middle of the day but it is still called morning sickness.

When will morning sickness end?

Morning sickness ends by about the 12th or 16 week of pregnancy. Unfortunately for some women it can persist for the duration of the pregnancy.

What does morning sickness feel like?

Morning sickness feels like been sick to you’re stomach. Sometimes you feel so sick to your stomach that you feel like you have to throw up. You may spend a while with your head over a vomit bowel and nothing comes out except you are reaching like hell. For other pregnant women they actually throw up. Some women can not hold down any food at all during morning sickness.

 What Causes morning sickness?

Up until I experienced my own pregnancies, I was always taught and believed that morning sickness was either hormonal or physiological in nature. I now know differently.

 It is partly true that morning sickness is due to hormonal surges but I have my own theory that I would like to share with you. As an energetic healer I had the ability to go within and understand morning sickness from a new prospective. Looking at the bigger picture, morning sickness has an energetic component. The energetic makeup or feel of the incoming spirit (your baby) may be very different from that of the mother’s. This lack of harmony between the mother’s and the baby’s energetic patterns can literally make the mother physically sick. Morning sickness remedies and morning sickness cures have helped many pregnant women from feeling so awful during the first few weeks of pregnancy.

 It could be likened to this analogy. Think of someone that makes you uncomfortable when they are in your presence. Now put that person inside your body twenty-four hours a day for a few months and imagine what it would feel like. No wonder pregnant women feel sick and have morning sickness! On the other hand, some women have greater compatibility with the incoming spirit and for them, pregnancy is easier to handle.

Here are some morning sickness remedies or morning sickness cures, that my clients have tried over the years so see which ones work for you.

Eat a few plain dry crackers 10-15 minutes before getting out of bed in the morning.

Avoid excessive toothpaste as this can aggravate morning sickness.

Eat small amount of food at a time.

Don’t mix liquids with solid foods.

Keep away from strong smells such as perfumes during early pregnancy.

Sleep if you can until the morning sickness passes.

Avoid over crowded warm places.

Sniff fresh lemons or ginger in early pregnancy, essential oils can be used as a substitute

Drinking soda water or lemonade or watermelon can help.

Salty potato chips or salted crackers can help relieve pregnancy morning sickness.

Have a homeopathy consultation for a pregnancy morning sickness remedy.

Using sea bands for morning sickness or accupressure pregnancy safe adjustable morning sickness wrist bands has been a very effective morning sickness cure for many pregnant women.

Try some morning sickness lollipops specifically designed for pregnancy women.

Purchase a pregnancy relaxation CD to effectively communicate with your unborn child to make the energetic adjustment necessary for a more harmonious connection between the spirit of your incoming you baby and you.

Morning sickness may improve taking some Vitamin B-6, 50 mcgs daily.

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