Mom "A" Vs Mom "B"

Mom "A" vs Mom "B" what is the difference?

Mom 'A': "You can not do that"

Mom 'B': "Why not?"

Mom 'A': "Because that's not normal"

In terms of 'normal', Mom 'A' could be referring to literally anything.

Moms should not start thriving businesses because it takes time away from them raising their children.

Moms should not have any tattoos.

Moms should not be physically fit, care about what they eat or dress in anything other than 'Mom attire'.

Moms should not place a premium on asking their children to be creative rather than providing "done-for-you" play opportunities.

And while there is nothing wrong with clinging to the old guard standards of 'normal', the caveat is whether or not you first asked 'why' …

Why is 'un-normal' bad, wrong or otherwise misguided?

Moreover, does Mom 'A' have actual proof that the 'un-normal' issue at hand must be defined as 'not good', or is it purely her opinion based on personal beliefs or the collective Zeitgeist?

And remember, the word 'Zeitgeist' refers to prevailing opinions of society within a specific time period; 200 years ago, any woman who showed her ankles in public was considered a whore.

This is not a 'Call-All-Moms-To-Arms' message or me asking you to revolt in disgust and hostility at any powers that be who may be keeping you 'down' in life …

… It's just a thoughtful memo asking you to consider.

"Worried about what they'll think" has kept too many Moms down for too long.

Do what you want; Zeitgeists change when revolutionary thinkers decide to change them …