Mobile Manners!

Mankind has found some meaning for itself in this endless universe by acquiring an existential force entity called the mobiles or cell phones. The 'mobile' partnership has become so serious that it's time enough to try eliminating some 'manners' that should essentially be an integral part.

All of you may of course love your mobiles with varying degrees of emotion leading to the oft observed phenomenon of obsession. So, this partnership is potentially fraught with grave dangers especially since your mobile can not reflect its emotions in equal measure. You must measure up its emotions so that you do not land up in situations that embarrass you and harass others. Based on that, mobile manners must be evolved. But, the partnership dangers must be spelled out first.

Shrieking : You are in the midst of an important meeting and suddenly your mobile starts shrieking and screeching. While you are right in calling this noise a ring tone you paid for others are equally right in calling it disturbance. Suddenness of the moment makes you paralyzed and you watch your partner go on full throttle helplessly.

Indiscriminate : You may be attending a classical music concert or even a movie where you did not think it proper to follow the specific instructions of the organizers thanks to the strategic importance of your partnership. Suddenly your partner bursts out and you really deserve all those angry disconcerted looks you instantly get. Even if you followed the 'silent' instructions you wanted to record some part of the proceedings too and you inadvertently hit upon a sound file that rudely opened up and made you hopelessly unable to do anything about it. You become the cream of attention with even the theater attendants running towards you to help you out.

Intemperate : You are in an august gathering or let us take the example of an elderly lady attending a funeral or discussions about holding a meeting in honor of the Deceased. A crackle of a baby's laugh breaks out-unimaginable and unstoppable. To her horror the elderly lady discovers that it's her mobile only. The august audience looks aghast. The elderly lady may grin foolishly and put the blame on her grandchildren for tampering with her partner, but the damage is done.

These few illustrative cases are from the point of view of your partner. Good mobile manners here imply your absolute control and supervision on your partner.

Now, let us examine a few cases from your point of view.

Howling : You may be standing or sitting next to any individual or groups in any kind of public place and you suddenly start howling to your partner forgetting that you are not making a long distance call from a dilapidated land line set. You are likely to get instant stares looks and gesticulations.

Lovemaking : If you indulge in caressing fondling and kissing acts with your partner in public domain you immediately offend the other holy partnerships. You become an object of ridicule and anger.

Infidelity : Even after being immensely satisfied with your partnership you may demonstrate suspect attention on other partnerships. Without being solicited you take over someone's partner and start fiddling with it. When someone requests for your expert advice on a complex issue of his / her partnership you may do much more than what is asked for. The obvious result is disgust or your friend turning into an enemy.

In these few cases you are the supreme commander and you can evolve your good mobile manners pretty quickly.

Have a flourishing partnership!