MMS & Gut Dysbiosis – What to Do

An element to health that is often overlooked as a leading cause to the breakdown of well being is what we put in our mouths each day, and also what we don’t. At a biological level it becomes apparent that much of the food we consume is not entirely digested, and this may be driven by inadequate chewing, consistent overeating, consuming too much meat, bread, milk and other problematic foods, wrong combination’s, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, innate inherited weaknesses and quite often emotional problems.

An area that is prominent to the breakdown of one’s health in many cases occurs when food is broken down poorly. This has two main outcomes; an uncontrolled growth of deleterious bacteria within the small intestine which leads to putrefaction in the large colon. A large part of the immune response is driven from the small intestine, with the appendix being instrumental within this equation. This is typically called GALT, being an acronym for Gut Associated Lymphoid Tissue. Before chronic disease finally sets in, there will be a war waged for a number of years between the ever increasing negative disease promoting bacteria and immune cells – all the while creating more and more chronic inflammation within this part of the body.

Much of this type of activity begins early on in life, and with those of us with susceptible predispositions, this will present in the form of digestive disorders and intestinal discomfort – quite often manifesting in appendicitis. Beginning at an early age, these disorders lead to gut permeability due to a weakened intestinal wall, thus giving rise to allergies and auto immune issues developing as unbroken down proteins are allowed to enter the blood stream unchecked by the immune system. Later on in life, again if left unchecked, long term gut permeability often progresses into chronic autoimmune pathologies such as rheumatoid arthritis and inflammation driven conditions.

As we age, over stimulated bowels as a youth often lead to constipation later on in life. Unfortunately, this is often accompanied with diverticulitis and hard crust-like deposits developing on the bowel lining due to the lack of bowel tone.

After many years of “bowel ignorance”, as it were, poisonous by products move across this weakened barrier and enter into the blood stream. The first organs to show signs of distress are the liver, the heart and brain – in that order. Fuzzy thinking, irregular heartbeat, chronic headaches are symptoms that are most often experienced. As the portal vein is the pathway for nutrients to be shuttled away from the bowel to the liver – there should be no surprise that the liver often fails under this metabolic loading.

The bowel can be likened to a city that has poor sewerage – if the waste is allowed to spill over into the streets and places of residence then it is inevitable that many will fall ill with disease. If one’s bowel in congested and not working properly, waste materials begin to build up, and illness is quick to ensue.

What to do, you may say? Well, a diet that is primarily raw will help to correct the problem over time by supplying bowel stimulating fiber that will tone the bowel walls. Ground linseed is an excellent choice, and a tablespoon or more added to every meal helps enormously over time. Remember, the aim of having at least one bowel movement per day, preferably more is required to keep the transit time brief, thus expelling toxic residue before it becomes too problematic.

As an adjunct to cleaning the body by addressing what we put into our mouths, there is a supplement called MMS which when activated is a very powerful anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti parasitic compound, and is a powerful tool to use in addition to the suggestions made above.

Remember, to overcome these modern chronic diseases, we need to address our eating habits, learn how to combine foods properly, learn how to chew, eat less food, eat a greater amount of raw food, and chill out – stress kills!