Miracles Do Happen

On the 15th August 1998 I had a life changing experience as I was involved in a motor cycle accident which I have know memory of and found myself waking up in hospital. For the first 8 days I was in and out of consciousness and have no memory of anyone that came to visit or of anything that had happened.

I found out that I had multiple injuries that included,:

A cut across my right collar bone that required 4 stitches. I had ripped open my left leg across the lower chin bone and opened up the calf muscle along the chin bone to my knee, severing nerves and arteries, I also crushed the lymph nodes in my knee.

Then I was told that I had split my pelvis in half and the doctors weren’t sure what to do, when I pulled the blanket back to have a look, I was black and blue from my stomach to my thighs.

After being there for 2 weeks, the doctor finally decided they had better operate and put me back together by inserting a metal plate and 4 screws through my pelvis. The doctor did tell me that he wasn’t sure if this would do the job or not and that only time would tell. All I new was that I was going to be a bed case for some time and possibly crippled. Within the next week the nurse discovered that part of the flesh had died on my leg and they had to surgically remove all the rotten part and they couldn’t do a skin graft, as it would be to big a risk, because if it developed any infections it would quickly travel to the new metal in my pelvis.

Finally the end of September they told me I could go home, but only if I had someone to take care of me, as I would be incapable of taking care of myself.

So my daughter organized all my belongings to be put into storage and I moved into her grandmother’s place for a month as my daughter was to be married on the 18th October 98.

I was determined to walk my daughter down the isle and not to be in the wheel chair. So everyday I practiced on the crutches fighting my way through pain and dizzy spells, losing my balance many times. But just kept at it everyday.

I had to sit under the shower twice a day and scrub the wound on my leg with a sterilized cloth until it bled as I wasn’t allowed to put anything on it.

My daughters wedding day came and Yes I did walk her down the isle on my crutches, after giving her away and the service finished I returned to using the wheel chair and tried to enjoy the rest of the function. I never let anyone see or know that I was in so much discomfort and pain, but managed to stay till the end.

A couple of weeks later I moved in with my daughter and son in-law into their new home.

At this stage I was still unable to roll onto my side, I was still having a lot of trouble sleeping, waking on average 5 to 8 times a night in discomfort and pain.

End of October I am now getting very bored and wondering what I was going to do with the rest of my life, so in desperation I started asking this question out loud in prayer and then fell asleep and had this amazing dream about something that may help, but the most important thing was the fact that I was walking and have kept that vision clearly in my mind and Have never doubted from that day that I would rebuild myself and that the other thing I was shown was going to help, a simple fruit from paradise that I had never heard of, then I suddenly remembered that my dear friend Harry had mentioned to me the day I was released from hospital. He had been trying to get in touch but my mobile was off. When I told him what I had been through he mentioned this fruit, in fact he had mailed me a package, which when it arrived I said to my daughter its from Harry, it will just be some networking thing, just throw it up in the wardrobe. So as soon as my daughter arrived home I told her of my dream and asked her if she could get the package from the wardrobe and open it. There was a video, so I asked my daughter if she would put it on for me and wow it was what I saw in my dream, I only watched for a few minutes, turned it off and rang Harry and shared my dream with him, He then shared some information about this amazing fruit from Paradise, I decided I would become an agent so I could buy it at the best possible price.

Harry then organized for me to have a visit from a bunch of people that lived close enough to visit.

The people that came to visit me that day were,

Brian and Mary, Robert and Shirley, Russell and Debbie and Clive and Bev.

I was blessed that day that a bunch of strangers could come to my place with so much love in their hearts and shared their stories with me.

Clive left me with some product to try while I was waiting for my order to arrive.

It only took 3 days before I noticed that something had changed, it might not sound much, but on the 3rd night I slept all night and that to me was the first miracle, then within days my headaches and dizzy spells had almost disappeared. Then within the next couple of weeks most of my pain had gone from my pelvis and leg.

At this time I decided to use my crutches instead of the wheel chair.

Then after another 2 weeks on crutches I decided to try a walking stick, and managed quite well for short periods. Within a couple of weeks I made the decision to walk unassisted.

I started applying the product cream to the open wound in my leg and what happened over the next 4 weeks was quite amazing as I was able to watch new layers of skin grow over the wound and was very surprised that there was no scabbing at all. (quite amazing I thought). For many months I still had to have a lot of rest as I could only stay on my feet for short periods and I couldn’t sit for very long, so still spent a lot of time on my back.

My neck still gave me a lot of trouble with stiffness and pain, but I was able to cope with it. After about 10 months one of the specialists finally found that I had broken my neck as well.

This was a true miracle because what had happened was I broke my neck through the right side and 3 vertebrae had fused themselves together on the left side to support the break. If that hadn’t happened I would not be sharing this with you now.

By this time I had visited 7 or 8 different specialist and all had commented that I should have been dead let alone still able to walk and that I must be blessed.

By this time my left knee was starting to lock up, so after more x-rays they found that there was a piece of bone floating around in there, so another operation was required to remove it.

Within the next few months the plate and screws in my pelvis had come loose and was causing me an awful lot of pain and the screws were chipping away the bone so they were going to have to operate again and remove it. The doctor was a bit concerned because they were not sure how I would hold together or if there would be enough scar tissue to support it. They wanted to design a metal box to wrap around the pelvis but I refused.

I went ahead and had the plate and screws removed and had enough faith in my own ability to heal. I suffered quite a bit after that and struggled to walk again for a number of weeks until it settled down again.

One other thing that had happened though this ordeal was through all the damage done to my pelvis, I had also damaged the nerves and it came as quite a shock when the doctor told me there was a 98% chance that I would be impotent for the rest of my life. But guess what, they were wrong again and that is another miracle.

Now 3 years and 2months later the nerves in my left leg have regenerated and it is great to have all the feeling and sensation back.

Also I am no longer impotent.

It just shows, if you have faith, belief and determination you can achieve anything you wish for in your life. When doctors told me I may never walk again, I didn’t listen and just focused on walking. My hope is that this story will inspire and help others. My motto is: Winners never quit and quitters never win.

I was not prepared for anything like this to happen, as I didn’t have any insurance or anything else in place. As like most people I was ten foot tall and bullet proof. Nothing like this was ever going to happen to me. So not only did I have physical challengers, but I also had major financial challengers. Are you prepared? It only takes a split second for your circumstances to change. May your life be enriched and remember all challengers are only stepping stones to find who you are.