Milk Thistle Cautions You Should Know

Are there any milk thistle precautions which should be reviewed before using it? If this question is knocking your mind then it is a good idea to consult an expert physician or read the warnings from reliable sources. Milk thistle (botanical name is Silybum Marianum) is a reddish- purple flower ridged with sharp spines and has large prickly leaves. This herb is mainly used for making medicine for more than 2,000 years as a liver protectant. The benefits of this medicine are remarkable as it can reduce liver damage and even revitalize a weak liver.

Milk thistle is sold without any prescription which might get you worried about its uses. If you are thinking of having it then you should know about it side affects and precautions. Reports are there that has related to it as one of the safest herbs available to be used. It is a powerful and effective illness prevention herb that has shown good results in curing liver disorders. While taking any kind of herbal supplement it is always advised to have a view of its precautions or visit your healthcare practitioner prior taking the medicine.

However, while buying this medicine it is highly recommended that you should go through the proper precautions and its uses. It is used as:

· An aid to cure liver disorders and antioxidant

· To strengthen and stimulate liver cells which repugnant toxins from entering the liver cells

Milk thistle has no major side effects except for a possible itching or allergic reactions. Persons thinking of using this herb should restrict if they are suffering from the following ailments

· If you have allergy to this herb or any of its related plant as it is producing from mixing some other herb for an effective result

· If you are suffering from cancer (or have a history of cancer)

· If you have a history of cirrhosis of liver

· Any chronic medical condition

· Allergies of food or dyes

Some medicine may interact with milk thistle. So, if you have any medical conditions tell your doctor or pharmacist before using this herb medicine. You should have to be extra cautious

· If you are pregnant, breastfeeding feeding or planning to become pregnant

· If you are taking nonprescription medicine, dietary supplement or herbal preparation

The best way to use it is by following the directions as directed by your doctor. Check the label on the herb bottle for exact dosing instructions. Dosing depends upon the use of the product and if you miss a dose from one or more days there is nothing to be concerned. But you should take care not to miss a single dose if your doctor s it to take it.

Beside, attention should be drawn that milk thistle extract can also be useful for poisoning. So, you should keep your herbal medicine out of reach from the children. Thus, you should always peruse the proper precautions prior using it.