Milk Thistle Benefits – How This Herb Can Help Women With Lumpy Breast Tissue

If you are one of those women who are plagued with lumps in your breasts, you’ll know how worrisome it can be at times. Of course it’s always really important to get any lumps checked out by your doctor. No question. But what we’re talking about here are those benign lumps which can come and go with your monthly cycle. So in this article we’re going to take a look at how milk thistle benefits women with lumpy breast tissue.

I happen to be one of these women, too and so I know what it is like when you are routinely checking your breasts as advised and suddenly find that there is a new bump somewhere. This happened to me again a few weeks back, and despite the fact I have this history, I was still really upset so I went off to have it checked out and put my mind at rest. Yes, it was nothing abnormal. Which was a relief.

But the doctor did point out that I had severe lymphatic congestion which accounted for some unpleasant swollen lymph nodes, tiredness and irritability. Well, I knew it was time to go back to my old herbal remedy. And that’s what I want to share with you today. It’s milk thistle.

Not many women know about this amazing plant and what it can do for you. Did you know milk thistle benefits include relieving symptoms of congested lymph?

This plant is renowned for its ability to regenerate the liver and protect it from toxins. But little is known about how it supports the lymphatic system to transport toxins back out through your blood stream to cleanse your body. When this isn’t working properly, your skin can erupt with all sorts of complaints including acne and boils. You can feel very depressed and out of sorts. And the lymph can build up in all sorts of places. With me this has always been in the breast tissue.

So taking this herb on a daily basis is key to reducing those lymphatic blockages we can feel as lumps. I have been doing this again for about 3 weeks and already I have noticed a big difference. In order to support this process I do daily yoga stretching exercises to help shift the energy and keep my bodily fluids flowing. And something else you might want to do is pour yourself a lovely warm bath and fully immerse yourself in it for a while. Switch off to everything else and fully relax to heighten the experience.

Now, I’m actually killing two birds with one stone here because the milk thistle benefits are many. This powerful herb is also protecting my liver, cleansing it and helping to promote new liver cell growth. And my liver does so many jobs, it’s a miracle that it manages to keep up with its tasks. If your liver doesn’t function properly, you can get seriously ill. Nurturing it with herbs is one of the best things you can do.

But in order to fully enjoy the benefits of milk thistle you need to make sure that it is standardized to contain at least 70 – 80% of its active compound silymarin. This is the ingredient that brings about the medicinal benefits. Now, as with every form of cleansing and detoxing, you have to make sure that you drink large amounts of water to flush all the toxins that get released out of your body. Otherwise they will build up and you can end up feeling really ill.

A really good way to take advantage of milk thistle benefits is to take them combined in a quality nutritional supplement. Ideally with a selection of other herbs that cleanse and support your immune system to enhance your feeling of well-being. Choose a form that is specifically suited to your needs. If you’d like to read more about the benefits of nutritional supplementing, you can read some detailed information on a brand I recommend on my website.