Mild Cerebral Palsy – One of the Many Forms of Cerebral Palsy

Mild cerebral palsy is often difficult to detect, so early treatment is not given. When detected at early stage, corrective treatment can be applied and may help the patient very much.

A child with a mild form of this disability may have trouble lifting a large object with the right hand but may have no difficulty on writing with a chalk or a pen. This means, that it affects only the physical ability of the child, but not the intelligence.

When the child sees normal in every way, it is more difficult to diagnose with limited physical coordination. A normal child will be able to perform in the gym class without trouble, but a child with this cerebral palsy may be less coordinated. This will give the child so much frustration even though having excellent record on other areas like being on top of the class.

This is just one of the many forms of cerebral palsy, a condition of the nervous system that affects coordination of muscle and over-all body movement. Unlike the Down syndrome, it has many possible causes. It is caused by brain injury sustained during pregnancy, or during and after childbirth.

When a mother had a particularly difficult pregnancy and / or child delivery, the child may have incurred brain damage and must always be observed for symptoms like difficulties on use of one or more limbs.

Children with cerebral palsy that is mild and have normal learning abilities may be disqualified for financial assistance provided to more different forms.