Midnight Shiftworker Blues, Help Getting Your Sleep During the Daylight Hours

Some people claim that they were born to work the third shift. I do not have a problem believing that, but when do they get sleep? I worked midnights, only to get my foot in the door for the job, but that only rented a year, then I got the job. I could never have made a career of it though. Call me a sissy, but I'm NOT a third shift worker. There was trouble with the sleep thing right from day 1. That was over 4 years ago.

Yesterday evening, at work, (Yes, I was made for the afternoon shift) out of curiosity, I asked a few of my co-workers how they felt about the midnight shift. The replies I got were all very different.

Lady # 1 said "I loved it! I was able to scedual my life around it, and midnights were fine with me!

Lady # 2 said "It worked alright until the children were born, but after that, it became impossible.

Gentleman # 1 said, "I worked for 10 years on midnights, and I'd like to get back there, my guess is that he probably will. Guess he liked it.

But after the opinion poll, I asked each one how they got enough sleep. That was not always so easy. There were two things that we all agreed on, 1) You must unplug the telephone, and 2) The bedroom windows needed to be covered. This was not the first time that I had had the same discussion with people. I've talked about it, and asked people what they think about it before. I've also come up with the same two solutions before. Maybe it's a standard.

Even though there is nothing I can do to unplug your phone, maybe I can help you with the covering of the windows. My brother in law told me that he covered the windows with black plastic. Ugh! Lady # 2 said that she had blinds, but they did not work, so she draped bath towels over the curtain rods. Some were not willing to discuss what they had used, and I can see why after the black plastic. I personally had thrown some hand made quilts over the curtain rods, but that caused the color to fade. Not too happy about that! How ever, during that time frame, the whole while, I spent my home time painting. They started out on canvas, but I also paint on glass. Some of my paintings are on window sashes, in the panes, as though you were looking out the window. After 8 years of that, I began to stain on glass. That was when I decided that it could have been done in a bedroom window, looking very nice, as well aserving the useful purpose of taking the toilet off needing sleeping on a beautiful day when the sun is shining. You could use some dark colors in the bedroom, and it would still have one up on the black plastic!

After painting on glass, and having some of my pieces take several weeks to complete, doing a stain on the window in a simple pattern only required a few hours to do, and I had my share of putzing around during the process! It does not take an artist to do this, only an easy pattern, and some glass paint, (very inexpensive) and a couple of brushes. Problem solved!