Mexico Gastric LAP Band Costs Compared to USA

In Mexico Gastric lap band surgery cost is lower compared to the USA, UK and Canada and comparable to that in Asia (India & Thailand). Below is the approximate gastric lap band surgery costs comparison:

Mexico: $ 6,500 ~ $ 8,000
USA: $ 13,000 ~ $ 35,000

Except the actual costs, there are some other financial considerations to look into. For example, US health plans, such as Medicare and Medicaid, will only cover the cost of the lap band surgery if the patient can prove that their BMI (body mass index) is higher than 40. Futhermore you will have to able to demonstrate a History of previous attempts at weight loss.

There is any patient who does not meet the above requirements does not qualify for health plan coverage for the gastric banding surgery. This effectively puts gastric lap band surgery out of reach for many people in the USA. You will have to find your own money or get funding for gastric band through bank loans to finance a lap band surgery in Mexico.

Taking into all these factors Mexico as a medical destination for gastric lap band surgery is quite attractive. Even after will include travel and hotel expenses related to a gastric surgery trip to Mexico, a 50% to 60% cost savings can quite easily be achieved.

Countries such as Mexico and India are able to provide low cost lap band surgery because the general cost of living is much lower than in USA, having less overhead expences for the hospital & medical professionals.

Low cost lap band surgery in Mexico does not mean the quality is substandard. As Mexico has some of the most experienced and qualified lap band surgeons around. Hundreds of Americans visit Mexico for gastric lap band surgery every month.

Many Mexican surgeons are certified by lap band manufacturer INAMED Health (now Allergan) to train (proctor) other doctors in America (including in United States).