Methods of Treating Depression


Antidepressant medicine treatment: Antidepressants are the drugs or medicines which can be used to cure any type of depression. These are used to cure mild as well as severe depression. The intake of an antidepressant cannot change the circumstances but these can help in increasing the immunity of nerve cells. so that we can easily tackle the difficult circumstances in a normal way. The result of antidepressants is not very fast. Usually it shows its effect in the patient after two or three weeks. But the main problem is that the patient stops the intake of these medicines because they think that it is not providing any advantage to them. That is why the Depression hits such patients again and again.

A complete course of Antidepressant medicines take almost six months to treat the depression or even more than this if the symptoms in some patients do not diminishes. Antidepressants can have side effects so if you have any problem with any kind of Antidepressant immediately tell your doctor. The Antidepressants are non addictive unlike tranquillizers. But antidepressants are not successful in every kind of patient because reports suggest that in some patients Antidepressants were unable to produce any improvement. But still the intake of Antidepressants doubles the chances of diagnosing the depression than not taking any kind of treatment.

Psychotherapy Treatment: If you are suffering from depression then you can also consult a psychiatrist. The psychological treatment fore depression completes after six to nine months of sittings. The psychiatrist generally treats the person with the help of talking therapies. Some of the therapies are:

Cognitive therapy: In this type of therapy the practitioner helps you to analyze your thinking and thoughts. If you feel depressed from some particular kind of thoughts then the doctors suggests you the ways to avoid such kind of thoughts. This therapy is provided in a weekly succession. In this type of therapy some homework is also assigned to the patient.

Cognitive behavioral therapy: This type of therapy is done to help the patient in understanding the harmful and beneficial behavioral styles.

Exercise Treatment: Exercises can also help in Anxiety relief and depression. If the stage of both the diseases has not changed into a critical one.