Methods and Procedures to Remove and Prevent the Growth of Mold and Mildew

Molds and mildews are a sort of fungus that usually develops in damp and warm conditions, devoid of much airflow. These micro organisms create enzymes that allow them to decompose and absorb organic matter. Molds have spores that permit them to spread easily without any hassle. Lack of ventilation, humid conditions, and plumbing leaks are one of the main reasons for the expansion of molds and mildews on the walls, both outside as well as inside. Heating pipes without appropriate insulation can also cause damp to build up behind the walls, which in place gives a suitable condition for the moulds to grow back again.

Mold and mildew are not good-looking and they can make a place look nasty and make out musty odor. Besides odors, mold growth also damages one’s property by decomposing wood, tearing of clothes, books and discoloring fabrics. Therefore mold and mildew cleaners should be used in places that are affected by its growth and is harming the nature of the place. Some of the popular areas that mold find their places are: cellars, basements and bathrooms because there is a lot of wetness available and there is little or no air flow. Fundamentally an area that is out of light and is dark is a perfect place for growth of mold.

One of the major steps towards the removal of mold and mildew is cleanliness. One should try to keep everything clean and make an attempt to keep the moisture down in the air, using purifiers and dehumidifiers. One can prevent the growth of mold and mildew by water proofing the surface so that there is no presence of water. One should also make sure about the proper circulation of air in one’s house, which prevents the growth of such mold in a place. There are a variety of mould and mildew cleaners and chemicals available, which can be used to remove mold and odors that are linked with mold. Chlorinated lime is one of the easiest and safest methods that can be applied in basements to get rid of mold odors. Floors and walls can be scrubbed with sodium hydrochloride or a light bleach solution to eliminate the growth of mold. It is vital to rinse with water after applying a cleaner or a chemical on to a surface.

Fungicide sprays also acts as mold and mildew cleaner, which can be applied on fabrics and clothes to eliminate the growth of mold. Very thin solutions of chlorine bleach, peroxide bleach, or lemon juice and salt is also an effective way of removing mold from clothes without touching the borders and colors. Arranging clothes in closet should be accompanied with some mold inhibitors such as paradichlorobenzene. These chemicals and cleaners are easily available and applied as per the requirement.

Mold will also affect many other objects such as leather, wood, paper and books therefore mold and mildew cleaner cleaners should be applied on such object too. At times simply wiping down the substance will remove the mold, but if the damage is too extensive, for instance in wood, then the thing may need to be disposed off or replaced. An easy and handy trick for books is to spray talcum powder or cornstarch to soak up any dampness that may be in one’s book rack or in the book itself.