Methodology of Homeopathic Treatment

Contrary to other systems of medicine, the homeopathic system of treatment removes the causes of diseases, instead of their effects. Once the cause is removed, the effect will automatically disappear.

According to the homoeopathic philosophy, what substance causes a disease, the same has the capacity to remove its effect. For example, if someone threatens you, you respond more loudly, more powerfully and more qualitatively.
Homeopathic remedy is essentially a nuclear remedy, and, therefore, the electrons of disease found in a remedy, will immediately start working, because, the disease is in a crude form, whereas remedies are more powerful.

Quick and permanent relief:
The goal of homeopathic treatment is to give relief quickly and permanently with the greatest and in a small quantity. The remedies should be repeated only when the symptoms of the disease reappear. If overdosing is done, the effect stops, and after some time, the same will work again. With overdoses the reaction would be; burning of tongue, heavy urination or dirrhea. Then clean your teeth with "Manjan Farooquee" (a tooth powder widely used in South India), "Zinda Tilismaat" (a multi-purpose drug used both internally and externally) or such other camphor bearing ingredients. These are called "anti-dotes."

Some times, for one disease, there would be many remedies. Therefore, one additional symptom has to be traced and tackled because, to draw an exact line, you need at least two points. For instance, a tribal woman came to a homeopath and complained to him that she was suffering from sterility. The doctor asked her if she had any other symptom? She complained of having "Lumbago" (back ache).

The homeopath noted down, from repertory, all the remedies relating to sterility. Then in the next paragraph, he wrote down remedies for Lumbago. When he compared those two groups of remedies, he got three or four common remedies. After then, with a gap of just two minutes, he tried on her those remedies one after another, to see if Lumbago is removed. Finally, a third remedy … Silicia worked immediately. She got a quick relief and he advised her to take a dose of Silicia of 30 potency; one dose per week. She strictly and honestly followed the medical advice and, consequently, conceived.

According to the homeopathic philosophy, there are three basic miasmas-ie; toxicities (responsible for all the diseases).
(1) Psora: – It is caused by impurity of mind and body. Its basic symptom is: itch. Psora patient is, usually, found to be intelligent, impatient and active. He suffers more during the daytime. All skin diseases are based in psora.
(2) Psychosis (Gonorrhea): – It is caused by impure sexual contact. Due to gonorrhea, urinary canal gets infected. A pus-like substance is discharged from pudndum and its environs. Burning is felt in urinary canal. Glandulary developments take place. This type of patient mostly develops a criminal mentality. Usually, he likes meat. He feels better and more comfortable at night. All his crimes are due to intelligence. Gonorrhea patient is mischievous.
(3) Syphilis: – This venereal disease is also caused by impure sexual contact. Syphilis patient is morbid. All his crimes are due to morbidity and insanity. Symptoms aggravate during the night. Physical symptoms are found in fissures (cracks) around the glands, especially on the head of penis. Hair fall and the falling of eye brows and bears are some other symptoms of the disease. A fresh miasma of psora, gonorrhea and syphilis can be easily treated but the most difficult treatment is that of hereditary miasmas, transferred from parents to their children.

What is Impurity of Mind?
Impurity of mind is: to be absent from the present moment on the physical plane. Mentally, it means; shifting from the source. Psychologically, it implies; roaming about of psyche (ego). Plants are rarely sick. Sicker than them are animals. Most sickly are human beings. Why? Plants have no mind. Animals have mind and human beings have a mind ego. All the problems arrive due to the fickle mind, wandering about in search of its source. Therefore, it has a tendency to go into the past, or into the future, and is not content with the present, because, in the present moment, it has not found its source. Now its past becomes romantically interesting or its future glorious.

That means; it knows its goal but does not know where it is. Consequent upon its wanderings, it is removed from its source. Then how to trace the source? The source is everywhere in the infinite vastness of the universe. Therefore, in the present moment, where your instincts, impulses, senses and minds go, the source is there. Be present with your senses, your breath, your activity, your mind and the last but not the least, your imagination. In short, be present with the reality; be present in the real world.