Method of Giving Medicine to Dog

As in the case of a child, medicines need to be given the dog systematically.

• For pills or tablets, it is better to grind them and administer in a liquid form by mixing the powder in water or milk. One can even wrap the medicine in something pleasant to prevent him from spitting it out. Any tablet needs to be given right to the back of the dog's mouth.

• For liquid medicines, the dogs should be brought into a sitting posture on its hind legs and the front legs should be straight. The master should stand over the dog with his legs apart and grip the back of the dog with his things and lift its mouth upward, opening it by holding the upper jaw with the left hand.

• Once the jaw is opened in this manner the liquid medicines should be given, preferably drop by drop or in smaller doses. It is advantageous to use the dropper while giving liquid medicines. you can gently pull out the corner of the dog lips making a convenient pouch in which the medicines can be poured.If the dog is being treated for skin or external infections, it is better to tie its jaw to avoid the medicine or lotion being licked off.Homeopathic medicines are not only effective but they are also easy to to give to the dog.These pills are small and they dissolve to mouth very fast.

• For skin diseases, a simple procedure can be followed. The medicines for skin diseases are normally in powder or liquid form.

Powered medicines can be proportionately mixed with water and then applied as if you are using a shampoo, ie medicines should reach the roots of the hair. An important remember in both the cases is that the dog should not be allowed to lick its body for at least one hour after the application of medicines. Discourage the dog from licking its body by repeatedly saying 'no' whenever he tries to lick his body or loop a necktie or a bandage around his muzzle and make a knot under the jaw. This will prevent the dog from licking the medicines applied to the wound.