Metacam for Dogs – Its Purpose and Side-Effects


Metacam for dogs is easily available as an important drug for the dogs. It is mainly used to reduce pain and inflammation in dogs. Arthritis is a common disease that occurs in most dogs, this drug is basically used for the cure of this disease. It can also be used to reduce pain and heal the wounds after surgeries and injuries. Arthritis is a condition which may occur even in human beings – – when animals and particularly dogs start aging, their joints become stiff and as a result of this, they are unable to move freely. This condition, known as arthritis, is commonly observed in dogs and cats. Metacam helps to reduce this by restoring some comfort and energy to them.

Expected Side-Effects

Although, this drug is safe to use and has been used by pet-owners throughout the years in many different parts of the world, but there are many side-effects which are observed to be associated with it, occasionally.

These are the following side-effects:

Damage occurring to the kidneys

Reduction in blood clotting

Damaging the liver


The initial signs of side-effects can occur in form of vomiting or diarrhea (accompanied with blood) or even loss of appetite. If you observe these signs in your dog after the use of the drug, you better take your dog to a vet and immediately quit the medication. In most cases, everything settles quickly but at times due to neglecting the symptoms, it can prove to be fatal. If used carefully, under the supervision of a vet, this drug can be proved to be a magic drug for your weak and old dog.