Metabolic Typing


We are all familiar with the never ending controversies of foods being good one minute then bad the next. we see every day different people contradict each other with nutritional advice and research. The question is why is there no consensus?

The reason is that no one allows for the fact we are each unique and handle food very differently. The one theory that has accounted for this and developed over the last 50 years is metabolic typing.

Metabolic typing

Metabolic typing is the science of personalized nutrition. It is a highly accurate system of determining the foods your body needs. Discovering your metabolic type is the single largest health measure you can take. Metabolic typing answers the fundamental questions of nutrition by telling you:

o What to eat

o How much to eat

o What foods to specifically avoid

o All other aspects of nutrition including supplements, food quality etc

To make these recommendations the science of metabolic typing has been rapidly developing from the pioneering work of many scientists through the last fifty years. Metabolic typing recognizes that there are ten fundamental control systems within the human body. Each of these systems determines the way the chemical reactions occur within the body. To achieve and maintain true health the control systems must be brought into balance. Failure to do this leads to faulty metabolism within the cells which is the cause of all poor health complaints.

Addressing more of the ten fundamental control systems will lead to higher and higher levels of true health. This is especially important for people who are suffering with serious health problems at the moment.

What to eat?

It is the influence of the main two control systems that determines which foods your body needs. All my clients undergo a metabolic typing test which reveals where their body lies upon these two systems. This directs us to the nutrition plan that will give you the exact nutrients you require. The results of the test means one person can be eating the opposite foods to the next person. So for you red meat may be a precaution food while for the next person it may greatly help them. The same can be applied to fruits, grains and every other food including different vegetables.

How much to eat?

We all have a unique and specific amount of food to eat that allow the body to effectively utilize energy. When you eat the right foods in the right ratios of protein, carbohydrates and fat you will experience a sense of high energy and mental focus while avoiding food cravings, energy drops or loss of concentration. To discover the right amounts I coach my clients to tune into their bodies and find the answer out for themselves.

What should I avoid eating?

It is essential we ensure any food intolerances are removed from your diet until the body can handle such sources again. Food intolerances are very common and undermine all efforts to be healthy.

The metabolic typing test also looks at the pattern of how you store fat on your body. I am sure you have noticed how some people have fat all over, on their hands, face etc while other just on their stomach. There are other characteristic patterns and these are signs of differences within the glands inside the body, eg thyroid, adrenal etc. This then relates to certain foods that if ate in excess over a prolonged period can exhaust your glands causing fat storage and poor health.

Finally, metabolic typing allows you to use the effects of your blood type to avoid certain foods that can cause problems for each type. Please note that metabolic typing is far in advance of the well known eat right for your blood type book.

Other issues

The research has also covered the effect of all the other issues surrounding nutrition and lifestyle upon the 10 systems within the body, so allowing us to give even further recommendations to safeguard your health

Metabolic typing is the most advanced nutrition system in the world as it is the only one that effectively and accurately classifies the differences seen between people to answer what, how much and what not to eat. It is the most important and big health measure you can take. I am a metabolic typing advisor and specialist. To learn more visit my website and sign up for my metabolic typing, health and fitness newsletter .