Metabolic Enzymes Are the Digestive Enzymes

When somebody asks “what are metabolic enzymes”, this means that they are simply confused with the terms. Basically these are just the enzymes found in fruits and vegetables and are normally produced by the body in the mouth, in the stomach and in the digestive tract. The pancreas produces the pancreatic enzymes which also plays a starring role in digestion. With a successful breakdown of the food proteins, the foods are processed and release the essential nutrients needed by the body. These nutrients feed the energy of the body, an essential piece that makes the metabolism work and function well. Without these enzymes, the body cannot metabolize and can break down by starving and suffocating itself.

Basically, enzymes are also proteins which sole function is specific to certain things inside the body. These enzymes will break down the protein makeup of the food particles in the mouth and makes it easier for the stomach to further break down the same and make them small enough so they could easily be further broken down again inside the GI tract. In short, these proteins break down certain proteins to aid in digestion which feeds the body, through metabolism.

Natural plant enzymes are best taken with raw fruits and vegetables like papaya, grapes, pineapple, bananas, mangos and honey, just to name a few. However, these enzymes can die if they are subjected to heat when they are being cooked. So it is best to eat them raw and unprocessed. For vegetables and fruits, the enzymes remain live for up to 72 hours after they are first harvested.

The digestive enzymes are those found in the GI tract from the mouth down to the intestines and they are more stable than the plant ones. However, they too can be compromised if there is a disease or a disorder which affects the tract and the pancreas which produces pancreatic enzymes.

Most people think that if they take enzyme supplements they are doing the body good. Well that is true, up to a certain point. Normally, doctors would not recommend these supplements if there is no disorder as they will only do so if in cases of medical problems. These are marketed as cure alls by some sleazy marketing strategists, but truth is, the body produces the right numbers and the plants eaten also provide more than enough.

Without enzymes, there will be no protection from bacteria, viruses, parasites, yeasts and others. The enzymes readily and easily break down their protein based protective walls and easily rid the body of them by flushing them out through faecal matter. The fruits and vegetables also have fibre, another essential in digestion as they gently brush away the waste and oils stuck on the intestinal walls and trap them within the fibre until such time they can be eliminated naturally.

There are so many ways to make sure that the metabolic enzymes are in our bodies by simply eating the right foods and to make sure that the body is not diseased to compromise the production of natural enzymes. Without these important proteins, the body’s metabolism can easily disintegrate.