Mental Health – Why The Unconscious Mind Sends Us Secret Dream Messages

The scientific method of dream interpretation is an exact translation of the dream’s meaning. It is the translation of the symbolic language used by the unconscious mind in order to send us secret dream messages.

The reason that the unconscious mind that produces our dreams sends us messages in a secret symbolic form, is the existence of a wild side in our conscience, which works independently of the human side of our conscience, and constantly tries to destroy our human side though craziness.

Craziness typifies the content which exists in the unknown region of the psychic sphere, since the primitive conscience was totally disorganized when it first appeared. Without organization, it could only face despair while trying to overcome the obstacles of life without finding the right solutions.

There is a big portion of our conscience that belongs to the primitive anti-conscience and didn’t evolve like our human side. It remains in the same chaotic condition in which it developed, with none of the functional organization which is obtained through comprehension, patience, sensitivity and other qualities that are indispensable to the peace and balance of the conscience. This is why the anti-conscience is violent and evil: it is the result of a catastrophe. Unfortunately, disorganization can only provoke disasters.

Too much craziness accumulated in the anti-conscience, transforming this part of our psyche into an invincible monster.

The wise unconscious mind produces our dreams to send us secret messages that our anti-conscience cannot understand, in order to protect us from its harmful attacks, which try to destroy our humanity, imposing absurd behaviour upon us. Our human conscience cannot understand the dream messages either, but we can learn how to translate their mysterious meaning if we decipher the symbolism in our dreams.

This was what the famed psychologist and psychiatrist Carl Jung did. He discovered how to translate the meaning of the symbolism which exists in dreams, art and religious works.

Following his method, I was able to verify the truth of his findings, and I was able to continue his dangerous research into the unknown region of the psyche.

He stopped at a certain point, acknowledging ignorance, but I could not stop there. I had to go ahead and discover the entire truth about human nature. The shocking truth in fact: the existence of a true demon in the unknown region of the human psychical sphere.

This is the conscience of pre-historic man, which is still alive in our mind, without having experienced the same processes that our human side has passed through.

After more than 20 years of research, and having had many experiences facing all types of mental illness and the achievement of impossible cures through dream interpretation, I could finally finish writing my book. My book is about the discoveries I have made in dream interpretation while precisely following the directions I received from the unconscious mind, which is the wisest doctor, with the essential solutions.

The unconscious wisdom is responsible for the existence of goodness, generosity and compassion in the human side of the conscience. If we follow the unconscious’ directions, we can not only overcome depression and all mental illnesses, but also completely develop our conscience, transforming the dangerous monster which exists in the wild side, into a positive part of our human conscience.

I had to delay so much in presenting my work to the world because my main point was not only to prove that Carl Jung had really discovered the true method of dream interpretation, and not only to simplify his complicated method into something that anyone could understand, but also to triumph over the powerful anti-conscience that causes many horrible and unshakable symptoms like hallucinations, panic attacks, emptiness and dizziness.

Only after fighting against it for so long and through so many attacks, could I present to the world the most precise and practical ways through which anyone could prevent or fight against craziness with the help of dream decoding; even if a very big portion of their human conscience was destroyed by the anti-conscience.

So, don’t complain because the unconscious mind obliges you to study and to learn how to decipher its mysterious messages: you have a terrible enemy in your own brain and this translation is indispensable for your own safety.

I advise you to think seriously about this matter and start caring about your dreams immediately.

Your dreams belong to you, they talk about you, your life, the people that live with you, the world where you live and everything else that is of concern to you. This is private psychotherapy with the best psychotherapist, without payment and without any risk, since the doctor is wise and saintly.

If you are intelligent, you must start learning how to translate the messages contained in your own dreams now that you know that you have a terrible enemy in your own mind; and this is why the dream messages are sent to your conscience in a secret form.

If you ignore your worst enemy, it will only cause you infinite problems, and it may even manage to completely destroy your human conscience, imprisoning you in the labyrinth of craziness. Mental illnesses that cannot be cured, like schizophrenia and psychosis are not rare, and you could be the next victim.