Mental Health Help – The Difference Between Depression and Neurosis

Depression is a simple mental illness which can be easily furnished through dream interpretation according to the scientific method, even though it can have grave effects on the person's life if they do not treat it on time.

Common depression is not a mental illness in its first stages, but in fact a warning that awakes us, showing us that something is wrong with us and our lives. It has a positive side because it works like an alarm that indicates the urgent necessity of action: we have to correct what is wrong, or accept new challenges, instead of bearing absurd situations with apathy.

When it appears in our behavior as a result of tragic experiences and deceptions though, it works negatively, bringing us weakness and suicidal thoughts. This is when depression becomes a very dangerous mental illness, since it can easily be turned into neurosis.

The difference between both is that while depression is only a warning in most cases, or a dangerous mental instability when it is the result of pain, because it keeps torturing the person with fears and despair, neurosis is the consequence of a serious depression not treated , and the beginning of graver mental illnesses, if the person does not solve their basic psychological problems without delay.

When someone starts showing neurotic behavior this means that the wild side of their conscience (anti-conscience) has invaded their human side, and has started destroying their sensibility with absurd thoughts and feelings, while imposing them abnormal behavior. Neurosis is a collection of abnormal reactions to the stimuli that provoked grave depression to the person.

While depression is an apathetic acceptance of sadness and weakness that is not dangerous in itself, but can become dangerous if it is not treated, neurosis is a collection of behavioral abnormalities due to the sadness and weakness that the person feels, which can easily lead them to psychosis or schizophrenia.

This tragic end can be preceded thanks to the powerful scientific translation of the meaning of dreams, that clearly translates the unconscious messages.

If you have depression symptoms, which are unbearable sadness, weakness, despair and lack of motivation, start immediately caring about the meaning of your dreams, translate them according to the scientific method, and follow the wise guidance of the unconscious mind.

In a very short period of time, you'll start feeling strong and happy again.

Your intelligence will increase, and you'll feel always protected thanks to future predictions and wise warnings that will help you in all ways.

If you have neurosis symptoms, which manifest as many fears, suspicions, and the acceptance of absurd behavior that you try to hide from other people, care about the meaning of your dreams with extreme seriousness, because you are in a very dangerous position.

If you strictly follow the superior guidance of the unconscious mind in your dreams you'll find your peace of mind and mental health again, together learning how to develop completely your consciousness and all the positive components of your personality.

Be a good student and patient, and soon you'll overcome all your fears and live free of the anti-conscience's absurdity, building your happiness with a very good mood, and helping other people find their mental health too.