Menstruation Disorders – Dysmenorrhea – Symptoms of Blood Deficiency in TCM Perspective

In traditional Chinese medicine, dysmenorrhea is defined as a pain in the lower abdomen, appearing with menstrual cycle that can spread over to the whole abdomen and lumbosacral region, depending on diagnosis. If not treated, it may contribute to infertility for some women.

Symptoms of blood deficiency of dysmenorrhrea can be defined as a vague pain in the lower abdomen during or 1-2 days after menstruation.

BB 1. Scanty menstruation with reddish and thin blood
As we mention in previous article, liver is important for blood formation and spleen for blood circulation, for what ever reason, women with dysmenorrhrea are found to have sluggish liver function during menstruation, leading to the inability of liver in making enough blood for our body , leaving no blood for menstruation.

BB2. Weakness and lack of strength
Weakness or lack of strength, during menstrual cycle may be due kidney yang deficiency or spleen inability to transport oxygen and nutrients to the body cells as resulting of blockage of qi in some meridians.

BB3. Pale tongue with white and thin fur
If there are not enough blood circulated in the body, the first thing is reflected in the tongue according TCM. Pale tongue is due to over consumption of raw food, cool or cold foods and drink, leading to kidney yang deficiency and affecting liver function in blood formation, resulting in pale tongue.

BB4. Weak pulse
Weak pulse may be caused by insufficient blood or slow blood movement in the circulatory system due to blockage of qi or blood stasis in certain organs, leading to not enough blood to the reproductive organs to sustain a healthy menstruation.