Menstruation Disorders – Dysmenorrhea – Causes of Damp Heat in TCM Perspective

Girls in South East Asia have learnt in their early women life from grand mother wisdom, that they do not engage in any activity that distorts their regular period. Menstruation disorder should be treated immediately, otherwise, it may cause wide range of women diseases, such as infertility, according to traditional Chinese medicine.

If our lung is affected by environment pollution, it may cause the spleen to lose the function in transforming and transporting fluids, leading to dampness accumulation and excessive yang deficiency can lead to damp heat.

1. Causes of Damp Heat in TCM Perspective
Damp heat is defined as a condition of extreme yin deficiency or yin vacuity, leading to scanty qi or qi vacuity.
CE1 Infection or inflammation
Infection or inflammation increases the body temperature, together with yang deficiency, it may cause damp heat accumulated in the abdomen region, leading to abdomen discomfort and cramps and pains.

2. Allergic reaction and Spleen deficiency
It may also be caused by abnormal function of immune system in attacking certain unharmful substance entering our body, thus raising the body temperature, leading damp heat. The affects of Spleen qi deficiency due abnormal function of Spleen in qi transportation and transformation can also cause inability of lung's function in countered reacting to the kidney function in moving the fluid upward, leading to dampness accumulated in the admen, causing dull menstrual cramps and cramp and back pain.

3. Raw food diet and cold drink
Raw food diet and cold drink is considered as yin pathogen. Prolonged period intake of these types of food of time may cause extreme yang deficiency, leading to yin vacuity, resulting in damp heat.

4. The typical American diet
Typical American diet is extreme yang in nature, it is completely opposite to raw food diet but they both have the same effect to cause yin vacuity and damp heat accumulation.

5. Kidney deficiency
a) Kidney yang deficiency
Under extreme condition causes yang vacuity, as a result of the inability of kidney in fluid regulation that causes excess fluids accumulation in the abdomen, leading to infection or inflammation, resulting in damp heat.
b Kidney) yin deficiency
If there is a condition of kidney yin deficiency, it causes dryness and heat that in the lung and stomach, leading to fire effulgence, resulting in yin vacuity or extreme heat that distort the kidney function in movement of fluids, give rising to damp heat.