Menstruation Disorders – Amenorrhea Caused By Kidney Yang Deficiency In TCM Perspective


In traditional Chinese medicine is defined as a organ in charge of storing kidney essence, will, determination, and power of memory, water distribution, bone marrow, spinal and brain marrow, graping qi and bladder as well as hearing , and 2 private parts. Imbalance of kidney sometime can be caused by kidney yang deficiency due to intake of raw and cold foods, rigid exercise, frequent ejaculation, etc., leading to dampness accumulation that can manifest to damp heat, leading to phlegm.

I. Symptoms
1. Low sexual desire
2. Lower back and knee pain
3. Diarrhea
4. Frequent urination
5. Clear and profuse urination
6. Difficulty urinating, and
7. Edema
8. Sexual dysfunction
10. Infertility
11. Clear vaginal discharge
12. No ovulation for some women
13. Etc.

II. Causes
1. Colding effect
Eating cold foods for a prolonged period of time will cause kidney yang deficiency. Cold foods are yin in nature, after entering the stomach, our body needs to provide more yang to digest it that depletes the yang qi.

2. Frequent sexual activity
Frequent sexual activity may not affect the young men and women, because kidney essence is abundant, but you reach a certain age, kidney essence slowly deplete, leading to yang qi deficiency causing low sexual desire and distorting the normal menstrual cycle including amenorrhea.

3. Occupation
Working in a cold environment for a prolonged period of time will cause yang deficiency, as our body need to balance the normal body temperature by constantly producing heat to counter the cold.

4. Etc.
III. Treatments
A. With Herbs
1. Bu Gu Zhi
Bu gu zhi is also known as psoralea fruit and used in traditional Chinese medicine in treating blockage of meridian kidney-Spleen. It tonifies the yang qi by increasing the kidney function in assisting the function of lung qi and the function of spleen in qi distribution.

2. Lu rong
Lu rong is also known as deer antler, deer antler velvet, it is a great herb that helps to reduce the blockage of the meridian liver and kidney. Since yang qi deficiency is also caused blood deficiency, improving the body yang by strengthening the liver’s function in blood formation and kidney’s function in fluid distribution, it reduces the yang deficiency in the body.

3. Du Zhong
It is also known ecommia bark, it is one the most used herb to enhance the function of meridian kidney-liver by promoting the qi and blood formation. Since the liver is a organ in charge of blood storing and blood formation and kidney is in charge of fluid regulation, it increases blood flow to the entire body and reduces fluid accumulated in the body, thus enhancing yang.

4. Etc.

B. With acupuncture
Suggested acupuncture points
1. UB23 (Shenshu)
2. GV4 (Mingmen)
3. CV4(Guanyang)
4. CV6 (Qihai)
5. KD3 (taixi)
6. KD7 (Fuliu)
7. UB52 (Zhishi)

C. With Foods
1. Radish
2. Squash
3. Turnip
4. Cherry,
5. Lychi
6. Peach
7. Strawberry
8. Pistachio nuts

9. Etc.

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