Menstrual Cycle – How to Slow Down Heavy Bleeding From Menstrual Period

For years, I had the worst menstrual cycle. I would go through probably 6 to 8 pads a day. During my period, I had heavy clotting and it seemed like the bleeding never ended. And of course, as a result of that, I was always so tired during my period.

Well, I could semi-deal with it before I had children but once I had a child, I had to figure out what to do to slow down the bleeding; and if you are a female… which I hope you are if you are reading this… then you understand that when you have a baby, you really can’t afford to be any more tired than you already are.


Well, I did some research and I found an answer t o slow down heavy bleeding that I was not too happy with … as they said to not eat sugar (as unfortunately, I love a good snickers bar)… as sugar will make it worse. As I watched my own patterns, I did notice as I ate sugar, my bleeding would get worse. Since sugar is a downfall of mine, I looked for another solution.


I stumbled across this one just by accident. Exercise. I found the more I exercised, the less I bled. However, I also found, with taking care of my baby, I had little energy to exercise… so that was not the best solution for me.


So off to solution number 3… and this is the one I use most of the time (although I have learned to cut out sugar a lot and definitely do when I need to be out in public… or go to work… on the first 3 days when my period is the worst). The solution to stop heavy menstrual bleeding is through raw apple cider vinegar.


I put approximately one tablespoon in a large glass of water and sip it throughout the day. If the bleeding is extra heavy, I will drink 2 glasses of water with 1 tablespoon of raw (must be “raw”. Braggs raw apple cider vinegar is awesome) apple cider vinegar a day.


I know some people can’t take the taste of the vinegar, so you could put it in a glass of apple juice (preferably sugar-free) or grape juice and drink it that way… to hide the strong taste.


I have gone down from probably 6 to 10 pads a day to now about 1 to 3 pads a day using vinegar.

Anyway, give this a try. I think you will be happy with the results… and if you take apple cider vinegar even when you don’t have your menstrual cycle, you will most likely experience a boost of energy as well.