Men’s Facial Skin Care – Reduce Skin Redness

Men are often curious about how to reduce skin redness. Shaving, harsh cleansers, wind damage and the sun are usually blamed for the problem. But, the underlying cause is inflammation.

Many people think of inflammation as the swelling that occurs when they sprain an ankle. But, the skin’s layers can also become inflamed. Sometimes, the inflammation is chronic.

Inflammation Signs

Pimples are a sign of inflammation deep within the skin’s layers; in the pilosebaceous unit. That’s a big word that we usually call a pore.

The hair-producing follicles are located in the pilosebaceous unit. Below the follicle is a gland that produces sebum. People with oilier complexions are said to have excessive sebum production. But, that’s not the whole story.

If you wash your face too frequently or use a mass-produced shaving cream, you strip away the skin’s sebum. This stimulates the gland to produce even more. The stimulation can also cause the gland to become inflamed.

Shaving Tips

Next thing you know, you have a pimple. If you have “shaving bumps”, they are caused by the same kind of irritation.

You don’t have to stop shaving to reduce skin redness, you just have to be more careful about your skincare products and follow a good routine. Here’s a suggested routine.

You will need to hang a mirror in the shower and have a new razor handy. Instead of using a mass-produced shaving cream, invest in a bottle of plain grape seed or olive oil.

Turn the shower on and let the bathroom steam up a bit. Let your skin absorb the steam as you wash your hair and body. Do not use a cleanser on your face unless it is absolutely necessary.

Use the olive or grape seed oil as a shaving lubricant and shave as you normally would, using the mirror in the shower. After you dry off, use a moisturizer designed to reduce skin redness caused by inflammation.

Moisturize – Key Tip

The moisturizer should contain witch hazel, because it has natural anti-inflammatory properties and will help prevent infections caused by shaving nicks or cuts. It will also help to heal abrasions or razor burns.

Not Just Any Moisturizer

It should also contain an ingredient called Functional Keratin. A protein complex that stops inflammation before it can start, Functional Keratin has proven to be beneficial for people with rosacea when it is used on a regular basis. It will also reduce skin redness caused by irritation or other kinds of inflammation.

Here is a DO NOT DO Tip

Here’s one more suggestion for your skincare routine. Do not exfoliate.

It seems that practically everyone is recommending exfoliation these days as a weekly treatment. First of all, there are no proven benefits of exfoliation. If you shave every day, you are exfoliating anyway.

Exfoliation can cause excessive dryness, which in turn causes wrinkles. So, don’t do it.

Facial Cleansing Mask – Very Smart Move

If you want to give yourself a real treat, use a deep cleansing mask on a regular basis. The better ones contain an ingredient called allantoin. It will also help to reduce skin redness. The preceding suggestions should have you looking your best in no time. Want more tips?

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