Mending the Bones With Reiki

How Reiki is used to help mend broken bones and treat common bone related disease such as osteoporosis, arthritis, rheumatism and genetic illnesses:

Among the alternate therapies, Reiki has gained popularity among Doctors and other practitioners as a non invasive and natural healing method that is efficacious in seemingly mysterious ways.

The Universal Life Energy is an energy that is omnipresent, omnipotent and all pervasive. It has a soothing vibration and a divine quality that vitalizes the body being healed and the healer simultaneously. The practitioner receives the energy through the crown chakra or the knowledge chakra and becomes a medium of energy transfer. Reiki, with an innate intelligence flows to the areas that require healing.

The energy flow of the body matches the structure of the body and the skeletal framework defines the structure of the body. In fact, it is believed that energy meridians are formed first in the fetus before the physical structure is formed and the former acts as a guide map for the latter. Any break in the skeletal framework will result in the disruption of the smooth flow of energy. This will traumatize the entire body and the resulting disease will impact on the physical and psychological well being of the person.

The root chakra is the energy center that is associated with the skeletal framework of the body. All diseases relating to the bones arise due to imbalance in this chakra. Sometimes, the energy flow in this chakra gets blocked due to bone injuries. Bone related diseases that can be treated by Reiki are osteoporosis, fractures, arthritis, rheumatism and genetic illnesses that arise due to deficiency in the bone marrow.

While Reiki can treat all injuries to the skeletal structure without recourse to any invasive techniques, it is necessary that fractures are set before Reiki is applied to the break. This is because Reiki will begin to knit the bone immediately and if it is not properly set, it could result in further painful surgery.

Case study

Mr.S’s job involved sitting for long hours at his desk. Over the years he had developed severe pain in the lower back and was experiencing numbness down his left leg. His leg felt cold and clammy and his foot appeared pale and bloodless. When he came to the Reiki clinic, he was limping and his face was lined with pain and desperation. He sat down with great difficulty and squirmed in his seat to find a position that was least painful. Finally, he pulled up his legs to his chest and hugged them with his hands while he pushed his head forward to his knees and heaved a sigh of relief. His voice was low and strained and he was constantly rubbing his left leg as if to restore circulation in it.

A quick scan of his aura indicated that he had energy blocks in his root chakra (a deep grey black), and almost all the minor chakras at the arch of the foot and knee joint. Since the chakra at the arch of the foot is connected to the root chakra and the solar plexus Chakra, blocks were visible in both these (deep grey). As the chakra at the knee joint is connected to the fifth and sixth chakras grayish clouds were visible on these chakras at the aura level.

Mr. S revealed that he was in his early sixties and had got a surgery done for fusing his vertebrae in his spine five years ago. The osteopathic treatment for the back pain that followed had not helped much and his Doctors had given up hope of giving him relief. Body scans and x rays showed that his bones were in their correct places and his pain had nothing to do with prolapsed discs or broken vertebrae. They recommended some more osteopathic treatment. He was not enthused by the suggestion. The pain was constant and of late he was experiencing numbness in his leg. As his condition worsened, he became desperate and even began to think that he would soon die. His world seemed to shrink into his back pain. He could not focus on his job and he was fast becoming convinced that he could not continue in his job. He felt economically threatened and very insecure. He felt that life was not worth living if the pain could not be arrested. He was fed up with painkillers and did not want to continue with them.

Reiki had been recommended to him by one of his friends, who swore by it. So he had come to the Reiki clinic in the hope that he would find some help here. He then asked pathetically, “Can you guarantee a cure for me? Do you think I can live a pain free life?”

I assured him that Reiki is a wonderful intelligent energy and that he would feel the impact of the energy even with the first sitting. I told him that we would have him dancing at the end of a few months. He was a little skeptical but consented to try it anyway.

Since he was already in the clinic I suggested that we should begin the sessions immediately. He agreed and we began. He lay down on his right side and pulled up his legs into a fetal position to ease the pain. While working the different hand positions, I noted that his leg was cold and clammy. He could not move it with ease. There was hardly any energy flowing into his leg. When I questioned him about it, he said that he often felt that circulation was very poor in his left leg and that the whole leg was very heavy and he had a constant dull ache radiating from his thigh to his foot.

The first impact of Reiki is a feeling of bone deep relaxation. Patients tend to fall asleep during Reiki. Mr.S too fell asleep and only woke up when we called him at the end of the session. He was extremely surprised and said that he had not been aware of falling asleep and he had slept dreamlessly and painlessly after a long time. He said the pain also appeared to have subsided slightly after treatment….

At the end of the month (after many ups and downs) Mr.S was finally able to say that the pain had subsided sufficiently for him to give him hope. He was able to turn over in bed without groaning and moaning and he was able to stand for fifteen twenty minutes without looking around for a straight-backed chair to ease his aching back.

Thereafter, it took almost seven twenty one day, one hour sessions to heal his back and bring back a modicum of circulation to his left leg. From the seventh to the tenth month he received weekly sessions of one hour each to completely erase the blocks in his foot and knee chakras.

Mr. S is now able to lead a normal life. He is able to focus on his work and is expecting a promotion soon. He still comes to the clinic to spend the time of day with us and help out with the other patients. He is a great asset to us as he tells all the patients who come in the wonderful work Reiki has done for him. He boosts their confidence and helps us through the sessions with his enthusiasm and optimism-which is very infectious! We are persuading him to learn Reiki. He has promised to enroll for the next convenient session.

Reiki does not interfere or discourage other forms of medical treatment. It complements and enhances the effects of the treatment being received. Today a vast amount of clinical knowledge exists to prove that disruption of energy flow in the body can result in aches and pains in different parts of the body even when they do not manifest as physical problems in x rays, MRI or different kinds of body scans available in hospitals. However, they cannot be dismissed as a figment of their imagination. Aura scans can give a fairly accurate indication of where the discomfort lies and correcting the energy level at the related chakra would clear up the problem immediately.