Meigs Syndrome – Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment

Meigs Syndrome consists of a benign ovarian tumor or cyst, ascites, and pleural effusion. While the cause of this disease syndrome still remains unknown, resection of the ovarian tumor or cyst usually helps to resolve the other symptoms. With surgical treatment, females affected by this disease can usually have a normal life expectancy. However, in some patients, there is a recurrence of both the tumor as well as other symptoms, which causes a medical dilemma.

In such situations, Ayurvedic medicines can be judiciously used to control the tumor as well as other symptoms. Before the initiation of treatment, it is important to conduct appropriate tests to rule out malignancy of the ovaries, which may need separate or different treatment. The benign tumor can usually be treated with medicines like Triphala Guggulu, Sukshma Triphala, Punarnava Guggulu, Panch-Tikta-Ghrut-Guggulu, Maha-Manjishthadi-Qadha, Kanchnar Guggulu, Latakaranj (Pongamia pinnata), Varun (Craetavea nurvala), Punarnava (Boerhaavia diffusa) and Kutki (Picrorrhiza kurroa).

The ascites (accumulation of fluid in the abdominal cavity) and pleural effusion (accumulation of fluid within the linings of the lungs) can be treated using medicines like Pushkarmul (Inula racemosa), Pippali (Piper longum), Vasa (Adhathoda vasika), Shrung Bhasma, Ras-Sindur, Sameerpannag-Ras, Malla-Sindur, Arogya-Vardhini, Punarnavadi-Qadha, and Jaypal-Ras. Some patients tend to have an accumulation of blood along with other fluids, in the lungs; in such situations, medicines like Ras-Sindur, Malla-Sindur and Sameerpannag-Ras are contraindicated.

In some individuals with Meigs syndrome, other symptoms like endometriosis can be observed, which may partly explain the bleeding tendency and accumulation of blood within the pleural membranes and in the abdominal cavity. The triad of symptoms in Meigs syndrome itself points to an inflammatory pathology which causes either a tumor or cyst, and fluid accumulation. This inflammation can be treated using medicines like Kamdudha-Ras, Praval-Panchamrut-Ras, Sukshma-Triphala, Triphala Guggulu, Panch-Tikta-Ghrut Guggulu, Praval-Bhasma, Mukta-Bhasma, and Chandrakala-Ras.

Once the symptoms have been adequately controlled, with a full resolution of tumor as well as accumulated fluid, it is also worthwhile to give treatment in order to improve the immunity of the body, so as to prevent a recurrence of the syndrome. This includes the use of medicines like Suvarna-Bhasma, Heerak-Bhasma, Suvarna-Malini-Vasant and Vasant-Kusumakar-Ras. This treatment strategy can thus help to comprehensively control Meigs syndrome.