Medicines Against Nausea and Vomiting


There are many types of drugs which can help in the case of vomit and nausea. The most effective of them are: Dopamine Agonists (first of all, Phenothiazines, Triflupromazine, Promethazine and Trifluoperazine).
All these drugs prevent symptoms of nausea and vomit which can be caused by different factors. In the same time each type of drugs can be used individually depending on the causes of sickness. For example, Promethazine theoclate is the best choice for symptoms of motion sickness.
The main factor which the patients have to pay attention on is dosage of drugs. These medicines can be taken in different ways – as drugs by the mouth or by intramuscular injection. The best dose is from 5 to 10 mg (prochlorperazine), from 10 to 25 (triflupromazine) and from 10 to 20 mg (promethazine). You have to take these drugs twice a day to receive appropriate result.
The next category of medicines against nausea is Antihistaminics: Doxylamine (Doxinate), Cinnarizine(Stugeron), Dimenhydrinate (Dramamine), Meclizine (Ancolan), Cyclizine (Marzine), etc.
Metoclopramide (Reglan, Perinorm) are also very effective drugs. They can prevent vomit very fast by direct action on the stomach. It has two main benefits: it helps very well during anesthesia and after surgery procedures. Besides, it can be used by women during lactation period. To achieve effect you have to take it three times a day.
 You have to pay attention also on side effects, as these drugs can cause dystonia, skin rash, diarrhea and sedation. Take the drugs at least 30 minutes before meal.
The next category is Domperidone (Domstal, Endopace). The dosage is 20-40 mg three times a day. Side effects are: breast pain, dryness in mouth, headache, drowsiness, and breast engorgement.
Cisapride(Cize, Syspride, Unipride 10 mg, Tab; 5 mg/5 ml syrup) is also very effective. This medicine is available in form of chewing tablet.