Medicinal Value of Herbs – Quit Smoking, Improve Health, Lose Weight and More – Part 3 of 4


Usage: Nutritive tonic for the blood, supplies essential vitamins and mineral salts. Trace minerals and high iodine content. Cleanses blood stream.


Usage: A mild stimulant, energizing. Appetite suppressant. Used for migraine headache and indigestion. Increases concentration, good for treatment of fatigue.


Usage: Very good for intestinal gas. Used for indigestion, nausea, nervous stomach disorder. Calming and relaxing to the nervous system. Relieves tension and stress. Tonic to heart and circulatory system.


Usage: Feeds and revitalizes adrenals. Has hormone-like substances which the body can use while adrenals are being restored to their natural function. Purifies blood. Detoxifies spleen, kidneys, stomach and liver. Expectorant, good for coughs, cold and flu. Mild laxative. Calms mind, nourishes brain, promotes contentment and harmony.


Usage: Causes immediate relaxation and expansion of contracted parts of respiratory system allowing oxygenated blood to flow freely to de-energized tissues. One of the best systemic relaxants available. Expectorant. Good for blood circulation problems. Good for cardiac congestion. Counteracts desire for tobacco.


Usage: High in minerals, especially calcium. High in oxygen. Rejuvenates lungs, cleanses and rebuilds. Good for inflammation of lungs, respiratory tract. Soothes respiratory tract irritated by coughs, colds, bronchitis, whooping cough, pneumonia and asthma. Good for weak digestion, chronic constipation, coats lower bowels with nutritious substance that strengthens and heals. Soothes and rejuvenates kidneys, good for kidney diseases, pain of gravel and stones, painful or difficult urination.


Usage: Liver and gall bladder tonic, helps heal damaged liver. Increases secretion and flow of bile from the liver and gall bladder. Decreases the damage to the liver from alcohol, both short-term toxicity and long-term degeneration. Protects liver by preventing absorption of toxins. Spleen tonic. Used for congestion of spleen, enlarged spleen. Digestive tonic, good for indigestion and dyspepsia. Used for coughs, bronchitis and pleurisy.


Usage: Soothes mucous membranes, reduces swelling and pain. Stimulates fluid production to aid expectoration. Antibiotic properties. Good for lymphatic congestion, swelling of glands, asthma, bronchitis, difficult breathing, bleeding from lungs, cough and whooping cough.


Usage: Good for nerves. Contains high level of calcium, good for building bone and connective tissue. Used for rheumatism, gallstone, liver and kidney problems, paralysis, gout, painful spasms, chest ailments and stomach problems.


Usage: Stimulates flow of bile through liver and gall bladder, improves liver function to purify blood of toxins. Laxative. Improves digestion and absorption, dispels gas. Used for chronic constipation. Antiseptic. Stimulates thyroid gland, very healing to lymphatics, good for spleen, helps in bronchial congestion.