Medication for Adult Female Acne Treatment

Adult acne can be very devastating; the infection can be much larger compared to teen acne. The marks that it will leave on the skin can be very noticeable and can last for years. This is the very reason why most women should really take care of themselves and should always maintain an acne treatment regime.

Survey says that about 50% of women experience pimple problems at some point of their adult life, while only nearly 25% of adult men experience the same skin problem. The difference between pimple occurrences of these two sexes is relatively high, primarily because of more frequent hormonal fluctuations of the woman's body. Adult women are twice more susceptible to acne outbreaks than men, especially during and before menstruation.

Acne outbreaks caused by hormonal activities is pretty common in girls at puberty stage, but it is not exclusive during during teenage years, as it we all know that it can appear during adulthood. Pimple marks caused by adult acne can be very discouraging too, as it typically takes years for the skin to rejuvenate and repair the scarred and damaged skin.

Dermatologists usually use the medical history of the patient for proper treatment. Sometimes physical tests and blood testing is requested for a thorough diagnosis before dermatologists suggest adult female acne treatments. Some treatments usually do not need procedures, especially if it is caused by hormonal activities. Three common drugs used for hormonal adult female acne treatment are anti-androgens, oral corticosteroids or anti-inflammatory, and oral contraceptives.

Anti-androgens are used to reduce the body's level of androgen that is usually found in the hair follicle. This drug can be very powerful in controlling or even cutting off the production of androgens straight from its source. But like most drugs, this medication too can impede adverse side-effects like tenderness of the breasts and irregular period patterns. These side-effects however, can be controlled by combining oral contraceptives in the medication.

Oral corticosteroids or anti-inflammatory drugs on the other hand, are somewhat similar in structure of the substances produced by the adrenal glands. Dexamethasone and prednisone are the known oral corticosteroids and is considered as a very effective adult female acne treatment. It also works by suppressing the production of androgen in the body. Oral corticosteroids are also called anti-inflammatory drugs because of the anti-inflammatory properties. It can reduce the swapping even in sever cases. Weight gain and bone thinning are the usual side-effects of this drug.

Oral-contraceptive drugs are formulated to change to hormonal patterns of a woman as it combats estrogen and progestin. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) even approved this drug to control moderate acne outbreaks and adult female acne treatment. In low dosages, this drug has been part of dermatologist's tool in treating acne problems.