Medical Versus Natural Hemorrhoid Treatment

The fear of contracting hemorrhoids is often in the minds of most people today. The thought of experiencing agonising pain is what they fear most. With the cure of hemorrhoids being a long way from being achieved, they are not willing to suffer months, even years with this condition. Today, there are two options for patients with this condition; medical hemorrhoid option which is cost or natural treatment.

People often end a lot of pain in silence while they try to search for the appropriate treatment to their problem. One has to be careful as there are many quack treatments out there that promise do deliver the desired results you desperately need. Consideration should be taken on those treatment have been tested and approved for use for the general public.

Some prefer to undertake medical treatment that involves surgery. They choose this method because it is painless, recovery time is fast and the condition is eradicated completely. An example of surgical treatment includes laser application on areas affected. The intense heat helps to eradicate the hemorrhoid completely with the wound closed up after completion of the procedure. The success rate of this method is very high because it is costly and not many patients can afford it.

Rubber ligation is another medical way other than natural treatment. It works by cutting the blood circulation to the hemorrhoid because resulting in its slow death. The method is proved effective although in some cases there has been proof of recurrence of hemorrhoid in patients. Individuals prefer natural hemorrhoid treatment to the common slicing off method conducted by doctor. It often requires the use anesthetic though the patient experiences some pain that the dislike.

Natural treatment although much slower in terms of recovery is advised to patients who can not afford the cost of medical treatments.