Medical Complications Treated by Crystal Meth Rehab

When undergoing crystal meth rehab, there are many physical complications the staff and the addict must deal with. Some of these things are treatable while others must be learned to cope with. This extreme drug has long lasting effects on the user/abuser and not all the problems are treatable. It is up to the crystal meth rehab program to know about the various side effects of this server drug.

Crystal meth has the chance of causing a wide variety of heart and cardiovascular problems. Temporary issues include increased pulse, irregular heart rhythm, and high blood pressure. All of these things together can lead to a stroke, which can be a permanent side effect of using crystal meth. The small vessels in the brain get damaged and subsequent strokes are possible.

The heart lining can become inflamed, resulting in pericarditis and heart problems. Those who inject the drug have damaged veins, skin abscesses and possible heart valve infections. Fortunately, with treatment at a rehab facility, there are few long term complications related to the heart, especially if the person doesn’t relapse.

Behavioral issues are common in crystal meth addiction. As a result of use or as a result of cravings to use, there can be violent behavior, paranoid thinking, chronic anxiety, insomnia and states of confusion. Some of the anxiety problems do not go away after stopping crystal meth. The goal of crystal meth rehab is to get a handle on the behavioral problems so they don’t end up being permanent parts of a person’s personality structure.

People with a history of drug use are at risk for chronic lead poisoning which can damage organs of the body. Lead acetate is used to make crystal methamphetamine so the lead gets into the drug. Acute lead poisoning is sometimes seen in IV crystal meth users. A good rehab program will check the lead levels of the addict at the time of admission and consider chelation therapy if the lead level is extremely high.

There are dangers associated with fetal exposure to meth addiction. Abuse during pregnancy can lead to skeletal deformities and hand or foot deformities, among other congenital problems. A person who is pregnant and is using crystal meth needs immediate help in order to get off meth as quickly as possible.

All in all, it is clear that this drug has a severe effect on the body and mind. No matter what your issue is, get the help that is needed in crystal meth rehab and you can feel the freedom from this addicting and scary drug.