Medical Centers and Hospitals Are Not All The Same

If society wants to be completely honest, then it needs to admit that there is no such thing as a good hospital or a bad hospitals. All hospitals serve the public but inside of those buildings, there are hundreds and thousands of individuals that make up the hospital. Yes, there are some medical centers that have lawsuit after lawsuit and tragedy after tragedy, and others that have few laws against them. The key is the quality, quantity and the consistency and genuineness of the staff, workers, employees, nurses and doctors in the buildings.

So, good hospitals and bad hospitals have one thing in common and that is that they are supposed to heal people; they are supposed to help people get better or at the very least, they are supposedly to do no harm. When reality strikes, we, as a society realize what is real and what is fantasy. And the fantasy part is that there are good hospitals as opposed to bad hospitals. The reality of the situation is that there are good people inside of both kinds of medical centers and what is worse that there are bad people inside some of the best hospitals. Time will tell, and only time will tell, the true quality of a hospital or medical center.

What kind of things happen inside of bad medical centers? These kinds of things happen:

  • People are made to lay or sit for hours without being attended to or cared for.
  • Patients in psychiatric units deteriorate physically due to lack of good physical health care and medicine.
  • Doctors are bosses and refuse to be challenged by nurses, even when the nurse is correct and the doctor is incorrect.
  • Administrators cover up the defects in the bad medical centers.

And, again, as contradictory as this sounds, there is no such thing as a bad medical center or a bad or good hospital. So, let us think in different terms. Which hospitals are treating people in a good way. Which medical centers are doing no harm? At the least, they should do no harm. So which medical centers are treating patients with care and respect? These are questions that you need to ask yourself and better yet, ask others who have been to the hospital.

Sometimes hospitals and medical centers are so negligent and so horrible that they actually offer free service to particular groups of people. For example, a medical center may offer free medical care to artists and professionals in exchange for giving them free medical care and free hospitalization. Does anyone wonder why a large medical center would need to offer free medical care? And why at a time when their beds are over-crowded already. Those are just questions. And only the patients and the patients' families know the answers to these questions.

What is society going to do about medical centers and hospitals that are continuously treating patients with less care than they are legally entitled to? These are all valid questions describing of some answers. Yet only time will tell what kind of hospital that you might be involved with. Only time will tell exactly what is what in the healthcare systems of America. Thinking about this reminds me of all the talk that Clinton did about getting everyone free medical care and hospitalization but no one ever mentions the quality of that care.

We in the world do not need FREE care but we need quality care, and yes, of course, quality care should be available to everyone in this country. Until then, we all pay and sometimes we pay with our lives.