Medical Causes of Paralysis

Paralysis is a life changing condition that will forever alter the way you are able to move your body. It is a condition that requires medical care, therapy, and major lifestyle changes. When it happens as the result of an accident, it is a terrible and sad situation. However, when it happens as the result of a medical case itself, it can be even more troubling. The medical personnel and hospitals are supposed to protect the people who are served by them. If negligence by a doctor or a medical mistake caused your injury, call an attorney today to learn about your legal rights against the individual, hospital, or pharmaceutical company.

Most of the time, medical paralysis is found to happen with infants or children. Babies are sometimes moved incorrectly while they are being born or are deprived of oxygen after birth. Both of these can cause life long paralysis.

Human error during spinal surgery or during back or brain surgery can lead to paralysis. Most of theses medical paralysis cases could have been prevented, simply by having the right technique, the right technology, or the right doctor / nurse education. Therefore, when paralysis happens due to medical error, you will most likely have a legal case.

Medical paralysis can also occur if you are given the wrong medications or the wrong dosage. Drugs are extremely dangerous, especially when mixed with other drugs. In addition, they can cause side effects like drowsiness, dizziness, and blurred vision, which can, in turn, cause paralysis-causing accidents.

Understanding when you will have a legal case and when you do not can be the toughest part about this process. It is always good to get a second medical opinion about the paralysis and how it might have been caused. If both you and the second opinion doctor feel that something happened which could have been prevented, you should contact a lawyer. Monheit's laywers can help you determine exactly what type of case you will have and how much you can expect for the settlement. It is important that you seek help for your legal case as soon as you can.

Medical bills for persons who are dealing with paralysis can be more than $ 120,000 – just for the actual incident. This does not count the long-term care needs or the therapy needs of the person. Therefore, legal help is necessary to make sure that those responsible for the accident are those that are paying the settlement.