Medical Call Center…More than Just Answering Questions

There are times that unlikely things happen to a person’s life that can pose as a minor threat to his health or none at all like cough, minor cuts and burns, difficulty of falling asleep, fever, migraine, abdominal pain, and bump in the head caused by fall, twisted ankle and other injuries and/or discomforts.  All of these require attention but does not call for an immediate one.  So, you don’t necessarily have to go to the emergency room just to have a nurse or doctor tend a minor cut or a fever, you can do that yourself.  However, there are other ailments that require immediate medical attention and visit to the emergency such as asthma attack, BP spikes, and chest pain.  But what if these people live in remote areas where access to hospital and healthcare is not available?  This is the part where the Medical Call Center comes into play.

A medical call center is a place where your queries regarding disease processes, appropriate treatment for such disease, what first aid intervention to apply, and other medical stuff that you want to ask about that are not urgent are answered.  A medical call center, also known as healthcare center, is very ideal in urgent cases where emergency rooms are hard to reach especially in remote areas.  Why spend much money on doctor’s fees when help is just a phone call away?  Why bother the long mile drive to seek consult when proficient nurses and physicians are easily reached through simple punches on your phone’s numbers?

Medical call centers are usually affiliated with your insurance company and functions in many ways.  One of which is the telephone triage. The telephone triage is a means of prioritizing ailments starting with health issues that are life-threatening down to minor headache and answering health-related questions.  Another service that medical call centers offer is the provision of information of more than a thousand over the counter drugs or non-prescription drugs and drug studies.

A typical medical call center is manned by skilled and competent Registered Nurses who are knowledgeable in their specialized field – OB nurses, pediatric nurses, medical-surgical nurses and geriatric nurses.  Also called triage nurses, medical call center nurses are trained to cater to all members of the society and give advice according to one’s level of understanding.  For example, you are put in a situation experiencing an abdominal pain, yet you don’t know what kind of pain it is and how to relive that pain.  You could ask a triage nurse at the call center and present your case. Based on your presenting signs and symptoms, the nurse can narrow down the problem and identify whether it is a stabbing, gnawing or knife-like pain and offer you appropriate independent and dependent nursing interventions.

CareNet is one of the leading medical call center in the U.S. that’s been caring for the community for 2 decades already and still continues to do so by providing medical advices and interventions that further promote good health.  Their system is fully automated to ensure that more quality time is spent on client care.  CareNet’s Registered Nurses have over 15 years of experience in their specialty areas and are the best in the field of Nursing.  CareNet also provides another specialized service known as Physician Referral in certain cases that are beyond the scope of nursing practice.  The health advisers at CareNet don’t just stop at giving advices and interventions; they also do follow-up calls to ensure the efficiency of rendered care and safety of the patient, because caring is at the heart of what they do.