Mean Foods – Negative Mind – Body Reactions

Do you realize that many of the foods you choose on a daily basis are affecting your behavior in a negative fashion? They may lead to feelings of extreme   irritability , fatigue, argumentative inclinations, enhance obsessive compulsive disorder, and severe anxiety reactions. They affect both the mind and body, creating an unstable emotional and physical environment. Many individuals believe these reactions are the result of a “chemical imbalance” and rush to their physicians for antidepressants, anti-anxiety or any other band-aid for these disturbances. There is no need for this course of action…not when you can choose to change your diet, alter your nutrition, in a simple and very effective way. The results are astonishing. You have the power to change the way you feel, the way you react and the way you interact with others, through recognizing the food triggers which interfere with your life, and learning to make more productive choices.


Sugar Sweets create huge mood swings, chronic  irritability , argumentativeness and fatigue. If you are prone to anxiety, depersonalization, OCD, or depression, it enhances these sensations.

Caffeine A cup of coffee, tea or soda will pick you up and just as easily, drop you on your head.  Irritability , maximum anxiety, obsessive behaviors, and that lovely boost in energy goes south before you finish your project…leading to a second cup and more of the same.

Chocolate– Double Trouble…the combination of both SUGAR and CAFFEINE. Instant lift and gratification turns sour when one crashes in a short 30 minutes.  Irritability , fatigue, tension and four moods replace the initial “high,” as blood sugar levels peak and then take a steep downward turn.

Solo Carbohydrates– Carbs need a good lean protein to maintain a slow burn and balanced blood sugar levels. This is why a plate of pasta, bread, or any other carb alone will not satiate for long. Prime example: Pancakes and Syrup for breakfast. Delicious going down, followed by cranky, unproductive morning, filled with anxiety, and fatigue. I call this being wired and tired at the same time.

No one needs these “carb crashes” when blood sugar goes from “balanced and stable” into “spiking and plummeting.”

Alcohol– Refrain from drinking alcohol if you do not want to experience abrupt mood swings. Anxiety, depression and  irritability  will often result after the initial “high.” Is it worth it? Alcohol is highest on the carbohydrate chart. When ingested alone, it will boost your blood sugar level and you will feel great for a very short period of time…followed by a large crash, resulting in depression, anxiety, enhanced OCD behavior, and an overall lack of cheer. It will easily put you to sleep and just as easily jolt you from those sweet dreams. Alcohol, in particular, will enhance feelings of depersonalization, so do not be fooled by those initial feelings of calm.

Do not believe you are “Stuck” in this Merry-Go-Round of Emotion – You have a CHOICE

You have the POWER TO:

– Change Your Mood

– Create More Energy

– Think Clearly

– Become Healthy

– Naturally Select Foods that WORK FOR YOU RATHER THAN AGAINST YOU

You don’t have to eliminate all sugars or carbohydrates from your diet.

You DO have to learn how to use the correctly…and FEEL LIKE YOUR OLD SELF AGAIN.


– Choose good lean proteins (meats, poultry, fish and low-fat dairy) and eat them at the appropriate time of day to balance blood sugar levels and create amino acids, the forerunners of Serotonin, the “feel good” chemical produced in the brain.

– Select the GOOD CARBOHYDRATES such as vegetables, fruits and whole grain breads (not simple sugars such as candy, cakes and sodas) and eat them at the appropriate time of day to release SEROTONIN in the brain.

– Hydrate: Drink plenty of fresh pure water. This eliminates anxiety and keeps the mind/body running smoothly.

– Use your foods properly to combat insomnia, OCD, anxiety and depersonalization.

– Create a mind/body that is less reactive to all stresses through selection of these foods that neutralize reactions.

– Prevent further flair-ups by eating correctly in order to maintain healthy blood sugar levels, preventing future episodes of “carb crashes”

– Our Anxiety Neutralizing Diet included in the Anxiety Busters Program, with its 7 Day Menu Plan will guide you into a healthy, less reactive mind and body. You will learn how to use the foods you already have in your kitchen and create a LESS REACTIVE MIND AND BODY.