MBA In International Business: SSIS Takes Your Career Global!

In the current scenario, India is poised to write its new growth story, a saga inspired by the influence of globally connected economy. The world is presenting its opportunities to grow and the only way India will be able to capitalise on these opportunities is when we have the right talent to make them work. The Symbiosis School of International Studies looks to address this problem through its MA in International Studies program.

What is the program all about?

The MBA in International Studies is a program that focuses on explaining the importance of a globally connected scenario when it comes to the modern day economy. Gone are the days, when a business was restricted by its physical boundaries. Today, irrespective of the place of origin, every business has the ability to go global. In fact, it is going global.

The result is an economy that is closely connected to the international players. The need of the hour is professionals who are well versed with the international scenario. These professionals have to be well versed with the challenges that are likely to hamper the growth of the business. Theinternational studies masters degree program helps students update themselves with these skills and knowledge.

 Being a Symbiosis pass out!

In addition to state of the art training, the program allows students to study under the Symbiosis banner. Symbiosis is one of the most reputed institutes in the country. Pursuing the international studies masters degreegives students a chance to proudly boast of the Symbiosis tag on their resume. This qualification adds weight to their resume. Additionally, Symbiosis training is known to prepare students for their future roles as professionals.

Unlike other institutions, Symbiosis students are taught in a corporate friendly environment.

When they pass out, they are already ready to take up their roles as professionals. This makes them a preferred choice at the time of recruitment. Additionally, Symbiosis is among the few institutes in the country that actually provides placement assistance to all the eligible students.

Applying for the program

Applying for the MBA in International Studies by SSIS is really easy. Students can actually log in to SSIS portal and submit their application online. This is easy and barely takes a few seconds. While submitting the application, students will also need to pay a registration fee of INR 1200. On acceptance of the fee, students will get a confirmation.

For application deadlines and other important dates, students need to check the SSIS website:

Additionally, students can also get in touch with the admission cell in order to get more details.

So, if you are yearning to build a career that takes you places, the MBA in international studies by SSIS could be your key to unlocking the opportunities that could help you realise this dream.