Maybe Brain Freeze Could Save Your Life?

You know when you are at Starbucks on a hot day and you order one of those milk-shake like Frappachino’s and all of a sudden you feel like you have the proverbial “Brain Freeze” well, it turns out that it’s not a bad thing, it means your blood vessels are expanding and sending more blood through. Now then, that has nothing to do whatsoever about what I am about to tell you. This article is way more interesting and scientific, so listen up and enjoy the intellectual stimulation, because this information could be with you for the rest of your life, or perhaps longer.

You see, there was an interesting piece in the mainstream media picked up by UPI titled; “Cryonics breakthrough: Frozen rabbit brain successfully returned,” by Brooks Hays published on February 10, 2016 which stated; “Every neuron and synapse looks beautifully preserved across the entire brain,” said Kenneth Hayworth, president of the Brain Preservation Foundation.” Well, this little experiment should be telling you something – as in, scientists are figuring out how to keep the brain alive – long after you’d normally have expired, long enough into the future that perhaps there will be a cure for old age by then, meaning this might be a bridge to infinite longevity. Today rabbits, tomorrow upright walking carbon based bipeds (humans).

Now you understand why I said that this information might stay in your head for your entire life – or longer? How long, well that is hard to say, as scientists are just beginning to scratch the surface of this new science. Remember when the first people were frozen upon death or just prior due to an incurable illness in hopes that one day in the future they would be thawed out when there was a cure?

The challenge in all that was actually thawing them out and having someone who was still alive, easier said than done, of course in the future the scientists pondered that problem would also be solved. Well, today it is, so the science of cryogenics is no longer Science Fiction, they’ve actually done it with a rabbits brain, just think what that means for you and I, and for the entire group of life-extension scientists working on the proverbial issue of immortality? This is big news, is it not?

So, next time you are sipping on one of those frozen Starbucks drinks with all that caffeine and sugar, remember that Brain Freeze had just taken on a whole new meaning.