Mathematics Means Money


The study of systematic

Measurement, properties,

And relationships of quantities

Sets, using numbers and symbols

Thimble, nimble, and numerical

Arithmetic and algebra

Drives many hysterical

Geometry, trigonometry

Figures and forms for me

Fractions, sums, and tons

Percentages and relations

Calculating populations

Economic figures of nations

Statistical probabilities

The lottery aint for me

Though some play it religiously

By which they subtract daily

From their checking account

Reducing their savings amount

Kids in elementary school count

Politicians push numbers and tout

Promises which they can not fulfill

Tallying votes by holding the Gospel

Conservatives and liberals

They will count them all

Play moderate and stand tall

Mathematics makes us logical

Teaching us arrangements and groupings

Calculus for professorial teaching

Mathematik is for some automatic

Mathematigue to some is a way to critique

Mathematica to others is great drama

Mathmatmatik m makes others sleepy

Mathmatmatikos brings forth intellectual dynamos

Mathematical minds always have time

For figures, forms, and solving problems

Physics, computations, and scientific operations

Engineers and scientists do many become

I guess mathematics to them is fun

Sometimes they make me feel dumb

Mathematic procedures are good for pun

A humorous play on words for some

Especially for me a student of theology

A teacher of English to those who study

Coming from afar internationally

To dwell among the American citzenry

Students from elsewhere in the world

Are often more knowledgeable than Americans

Particularly Asians and some Europeans

Chinese and Indians do math on vacation

Or so it sees the way they succeed academically

Working toward degrees diligently and tirelessly

Now they are dominating the marketplace boldly

I guess mathematics is a step towards prosperity

Therefore let us pull out our calculators unashamedly.