Master Mentalism Guide

Performing magic tricks, illusion and even mentalism is sure to make us stand out from the rest of the ‘maddening’ crowd. Magic tricks have always been a best seller; the trick is in carrying it out the ‘right way’. For a variety of reasons, society has always been interested in magic and tricks of illusion so much so, that most of the top entertainment centers like that of Las Vegas spend millions per annum in hiring some of the top magicians to perform in their clubs. The Master Mentalism Guide by Ryan Even and Mr. X is a 200 page downloadable e-book and explains all the nitty-gritty’s of the various magic tricks. It lays open the skeletons in the cupboard, so as to speak. The Master Mentalism Guide by Ryan Even and Mr. X is more of a guide, teaching one and all the tricks of the trade and comes in the ‘easy format’ style so the instructions that they contain can be easily understood.

Ever since time immemorial, as humans we have always been in awe of magic. In the good old days we would have called them ‘high priests’; today we call them performers. We must have all been intrigued by the various magic tricks performed in television from the trite s like the ‘rabbit out of a hat’ to the unusual like those of David Blane, standing suspended in a bloc of Ice in full public view. The former is a simple magic trick while the latter is more of a mentalism showpiece, the Master Mentalism Guide alleges to teach us all that and so much more.

With the Master Mentalism Guide, we should be able to get an idea of how the trick is played out. The first thing that we would need to understand is that there is no such thing as ‘actual magic’ and that everything that we have seen in television so far is a trick, no more, no less. The one common denominator for all the tricks showcased in many of the television shows is the showmanship that comes with each of them. Quite often, it is this showmanship that sets the mood of the crowd and makes them fall for the trick, one and all.

With the Master Mentalism Guide, we should soon be on our way to performing magic and tricks of illusion. Most of the secrets contained here in this e-book had been explained out to Ryan Even by none other than the mysterious Mr.X. Well, that line may sound like something straight out of ‘pulp fiction’ but seems to be the truth. Anyway, currently this e book sells for $47 and by clicking on the ‘BUY NOW’ link we can avail ourselves to a $10 discount and cut the price further down to $37.